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Camille by Tess Oliver
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Camille. Ah yes, Camille, the boy dresser, werewolf hunter, beautiful determined sprite of a girl. Assistant to Dr. Bennett, who raised her as his own when her father died years ago, where she aids him in his search for a cure for humans turning into werewolves. She soon finds herself desperately searching with new determination for a cure because now it’s the life a young boy that she has fallen in love with that is threatened. Enter Nathaniel Strider. Unscrupulous rogue, ladies man to the core, thief, homeless with a horrible past. Uh-huh. One order of swoon worthy, endearing, hard-outside-soft-inside male coming up! He charms Camille immediately, despite his rudeness and woman always falling over him. And soon, he finds that he loves her.

Ah, the romance, it was so sweet. Here’s a girl unlike other girls, a girl who experiments with science and gallivants through the streets dressed as a boy; and then there’s a boy who couldn’t possibly single out any one woman from his many many admirers and fall in love with her because of the scoundrel he is. Yet he does. He finds Camille beautiful, intriguing, and strange. Camille of course finds him handsome and charming, but also finds he has a soft side.

I really liked the story and plot. It was intriguing and engrossing, (of course the romantic aspect of it helped immensely ;). There was a mystery interwoven here, about Camille’s father who had turned into a werewolf, and had died leaving his two daughter’s alone. Camille’s sister, twin sister, Emily was endearing. She had a hard time dealing with her father’s death, (won’t say more on that matter as it would be a spoiler), and as a result had to live in an asylum. But the bond between these twins was so strong, that nothing could ever break it, not even hidden, harsh secrets that eventually came to Camille’s attention.

This book isn’t the best developed or executed, but I still very much enjoyed reading it. It’s lush and intriguing with it‘s paranormal allure and sweet romance. All in all, a good read, well done characters, could have been better, but I still loved it.
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