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Naked in Death by J.D. Robb
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Second "reading" May, 2011
★★★★★ Five whole stars! I listened to this audiobook and it is still as riveting as it was way back when. The narrator, Susan Ericksen, does an excellent job in start of this futuristic New York cop murder mystery series featuring the infamous Eve Dallas, written by Nora Roberts AKA J.D. Robb. Check your library for the downloadable format - it is well worth it.



Update: March 23, 2012
★★★★★ (This is a review of the audiobook.) So, I did the dumbest thing; I accidently erased from my iPod/Touch my downloaded copy from my public library of Loyalty in Death I had all set up to listen to in January (yeah, I know it’s March; I'm behind!). Usually not a problem, except these books are quite popular, and this put me back on the ‘waitlist’ into position #5. As I have set myself a personal challenge for 2012 of listening to two from the In Death series a month, this made for a bit of frustration.

Then I got the bright idea of listening to the first in the series, Naked in Death, again while I zipped around town in my car running errands, especially when I saw that the first one was available at my library’s back-up database. Plus, this would certainly help me with some of the trivia facts [Roarke’s birthday: (view spoiler). . . how Galahad, the cat, came into Eve’s life and got his name (view spoiler)] and questions going around in the J. D. Robb GoodReads Group , such as the first appearance of The Candy Thief.

Imagine my surprise when someone else’s voice other than Susan Ericksen’s came across my car speakers. Yup, Cristine McMurdo-Wallis! (Yes, Cristine without the "h".) Now, I personally feel Ms. Ericksen was born to narrate J.D. Robb’s futuristic detective series set in 2058 New York City – and her Irish accent for Roarke, imbued with so much rakish charm you can hear the devilish twinkle - can’t be beat! However, Ms. Wallis does a nice job of it and sounds a bit like Kathleen Turner, the femme fatale with the deep voice from Body Heat. (For the younger generation, that would be the voice of Jessica Rabbit in action/animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) All in all, not a bad reading.
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Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* Love her series! let me know how it is in audio?

message 2: by Autumn (new)

Autumn  this is the futuristic ones,am i wrong??

Lisa Kay Sorry, ladies! Missed these comments last year. Hope this update answers your questions. ☺

message 4: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee interesting that this wasn't narrated by erickson because she did the Naked in Death that I listened to

Karla Love this book, love Eve, love Roarke, love your review!

Lisa Kay Dee wrote: "interesting that this wasn't narrated by erickson because she did the Naked in Death that I listened to"

Yes, I've listened to that one too, Dee. This is a second one. Don't know why they do that sometimes. I know they do it for abridged and unabridged, but this was the full novel. **shrugs**

Lisa Kay Thanks, Karla!

Donna Lisa Kay, are you trying to tell us you are attempting to operate a moving vehicle with your mind diverted by Roarke!! Should be against the law!

message 9: by Shelly (new) - added it

Shelly Great review! This is on my long list of books to get at Audible - I just know I'll love it! BTW - the Roger Rabbit reference was great, but FYI - the younger than me set doesn't always know this movie, lol, unfortunately, I can't think of a later reference of Kathleen Turner they may know!

message 10: by Shelly (new) - added it

Shelly PSS - I think it's a shame they don't know Roger Rabbit - had to explain it to a co-worker who was 22. She said it looked dumb *gasp*

Lisa Kay Donna wrote: "Lisa Kay, are you trying to tell us you are attempting to operate a moving vehicle with your mind diverted by Roarke!! Should be against the law!"

LMAO! Oh, excellent point, Donna!

message 12: by Lisa Kay (last edited Mar 25, 2012 05:41AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Kay Shelly?! Is that you? **waves** You popped in to point out that 10 years means nothing to the younger generation? Well. . . you're right, I guess. Even KT's appearance on Friends as Chandler's sex-changed father is probably too old a reference. **sigh**

message 13: by Shelly (new) - added it

Shelly Lol - yes LK, I'm popping in more and more, have more time to read and visit GR lately. I'll try to remember and message you later the details of what's gone on in the last few weeks! Have missed you and this place!

Lisa Kay Great! I'd love to catch-up with you, Shelly. Hope all is going well.

Esmeralda Not Susan Ericksen narrating? Really? I just cannot imagine that! WOW. I'll have to research this...;D

message 16: by Shelly (new) - added it

Shelly Just finished the audio, and mine was done with Susan Ericksen, lol - I guess there's two versions floating around out there of Naked.

message 17: by Shelly (new) - added it

Shelly Oh, and I posted my review - and um. . . well, I'll just have to keep reading :(

Lisa Kay Shelly wrote: "Oh, and I posted my review - and um. . . well, I'll just have to keep reading :("

Read your review and love it, Shelly! Yes, keep reading. ☺

Donna Has anybody had a problem with Overdrive for downloading audio books? I can't download Immortal in Death. I keep getting an error message that says the parameters are wrong. I found a web page with instructions to fix. No luck. Gave it to my computer tech and he says he "updated the drm". Still no luck!

message 20: by Shelly (new) - added it

Shelly I think overdrive had an update recently, but I haven't done it yet. Could it be you downloaded the update and it didn't work, or need to download the update?

Donna I downloaded the update, but it still keeps giving me this error. Apparently, it's not an uncommon problem, as I found plenty of answers about how to fix it ... but none of them worked :(. I'll have to get back to my computer tech. Thanks, Shelly.

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