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Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh
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Jan 21, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2011, nalini-singh
Read in April, 2011 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** Sorry if this is all over the show, but I am just so excited to finally read kiss of snow that my thoughts of it all have come rambling out, there was so much information in this book and I am still processing it all

I loved this book, I was so feeling so excited to have won a copy before its release date and I was feeling excited and nervous to read it as I had so many expectations, there could have been so many ways it could have gone wrong but it didn’t disappoint me, Kiss of snow is my new favourite in the psy-changeling series. The Alpha of the Snow Dancer pack of wolves is a force to be reckoned with, he demands much of those around him but also gives all of himself for the pack he loves so dearly

I love the world that Nalini has created and it is just so easy to fall in love with these passionate characters who protect those they love. They are so warm and fun that I can’t help being drawn into it all. Even in the midst of a war with pure psy and the danger they all face they remain true to who they are. They are affectionate towards their mates and try to still play and live their lives amongst the fear of what could happen when the war begins

To see Sienna as the strong woman she has grown into was fabulous, she stood her ground and didn’t simply submit to Hawke with all his big alpha sexiness. She called him out when he was being stubborn and proved that she deserved to be at his side. It was good to finally learn more about the X designation and what that meant as well.

Hawke had a few things to go through too but he was still so tender and gentle with Sienna, while still allowing her to be an active pack member and go on a dangerous mission. I had half expected him to be more hard headed but Sienna knew which buttons to push and the tension they created was keeping me turning the pages to see what would happen next between them. When he started giving her little pieces of himself I only had one way I wanted it to end, they simply had to be mated.

I was pleasantly surprised to have the story of Walker and Lara and their mating running through the book, I had wanted them to get together from previous books, but hadn’t expected it in kiss of snow. But Walker with his dark and mysterious thing going on had to come into his own and release the reins he had on himself and I enjoyed their budding romance

I think my favourite scene in the book (other than the ending) has to be when Sienna goes to the bar to get Hawkes attention, after he makes a date with Rosalie, and does a bit of dancing and pretends to be drunk, so funny, she just winds him up and it makes for page turning entertainment.

I really like Kit, he is a bit of a character, I loved how he helped Sienna to get Hawkes attention, it would take some guts to go up against the alpha, I do hope we get more about him when he is a bit more mature.

Favourite quote from the book has to be when Sienna says to Hawke “If you want me, take me. Or let me go”

The twist of Alice Eldridge was great, I hadn’t seen that coming at all, I had built up a sense of disappointment that the X-psy manuscript couldn’t help Sienna, and then bam here is someone who can help, it was good.

I had guessed that Hawke would have a mating bond reaction to Sienna when she most needed it, after all who wants to fall in love with a main character to have them killed off at the end, but it was still written so well I wasn’t at all disappointed by it, in fact I loved the ending of the book, I had a few moments of tears welling up.

There are a lot of scenes where we learn more about everyone’s past which I enjoyed, it just helped add to what we already knew of the wolves and the psy.
- I really felt for Hawke and his pain at losing his ‘mate’ Rissa, his fathers capture and him having to take over as Alpha at 15.
- Sienna being taken by Ming to be trained as a weapon made me so sad, but having her go through all that made her more capable of dealing with Hawkes scarred past and made them that much more compatible
- Walker and his life leading up to his family’s defection, the loss of a son he never knew, and of the relationships he had with Sienna, Judd, and Yelene. And his job of teaching future arrows was also revealing more layers of him.

I just loved all the scenes where the ‘pups’ where involved, Toby is so cute, and his innocence and gentle nature was just lovely. The scene of Toby and Hawke together with the haircut was lovely, it really does show Hawke in the light of an alpha who cares about the whole pack

I appreciate that even though this story is based on the wolves we still get those important glimpses of the cats, and of course the ongoing banter between Lucas and Hawke, especially at the handcuffs he gives to Hawke which was great.
I Loved the pregnancy/birth with Lucas and Sascha, he is such a cute daddy, and it was great to get more information on characters which we loved from the start. Having a baby in the mix and all the tough changelings turning to mush around her is gorgeous.

It was great that so many of the characters were given some time in this book and we can follow their lives to see what they are doing, how their matings are going etc. I think it makes the book much more well rounded. It has a focus on the pack as well as the individuals in it. As well as so many strong psy characters in this series and I love that they are all still around and we get more from them, the ghost, Nikita, Anthony, Kaleb, the arrows, this world created about the Psy is fascinating.

This book is absolutely a jewel in the psy-changeling crown, well done Nalini, I can’t wait to see what is next in the series

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