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Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde
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Dec 31, 11

bookshelves: fantasy
Read in December, 2011

Three months after the events of The Eyre Affair, Thursday Next is happily married to Landen Parke-Laine, pregnant, and working as a literary detective. One day, Thursday's father, a renegade ChronoGuard, informs her that the world's going to end, and all that's left is a pink goo of unknown origin. While Thursday tries to figure this out, she is also working with her SpecOps partner, Bowden to authenticate a manuscript of a lost Shakespeare play, Cardenio that has been discovered in the library of Lord Volescamper, a major supporter of the front-runner in the up-coming election for President, Yorrick Kaine. The play has appeared just in time to help Kaine win the election by helping him get the "Shakespeare vote" which will help him garner enough numbers to win. Meanwhile, Thursday realizes that she's a target of an assassination plot, and she needs to figure out who is trying to kill her. In addition, because of Thursday's involvement in altering the ending of Jane Eyre, she's also in trouble with another literary police agency known as Jurisfiction, and she has to stand trial. Although facing acquittal, she is also recruited to work for Jurisfiction as an agent helping to preserve literary works from the within, and she's apprenticed to Miss Haversham (the man-hater from Great Expectations). Moreover, during the Eyre Affair she managed to use the portal to throw an enemy Goliath rep into Poe's "The Raven," and Goliath wants him back. They recruit a rogue Chrono Cop to remove Thursday's husband, Landen from the timeline and force her to bring the Goliath rep back.

During the course of Thursday's adventures, she learns how to jump through books without a portal, and she uses this talent to retrieve the Goliath rep, but the corporation reneges on its deal hoping to force Thursday to use her talent to their advantage. Miss Haversham saves her, and they learn that the new Shakespeare play is a fake planted by a renegade fictional character who turns out to be Yorrick Kaine. Thursday also figures out that the pink goo is a result of one of her uncle Mycroft's inventions going out of control after being sabotaged by Acheron Hades' baby sister, Aornis who is seeking to avenge her brother's death. With Thursday's father's help, they are able to avert disaster, but Landen is not back. Her parents determine that it's not safe for Thursday and her baby, and they agree to get Thursday to a safer place while they also figure out how to return Landen to the timeline. Thursday decides to spend her exile in the world of Jurisfiction, and the book closes with her trading places with another fictional character in an exchange program.

Again, there's a lot more, but you get the gist. It's still witty. It's still original, and it still leaves you wanting more which is good because The Well of Lost Plots is the next book and ready to go. This is also my second reading, and I can declare that it's still fun.

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