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A Child Called "It" by Dave Pelzer
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Feb 01, 08

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Read in January, 2003

I am sorry but this is too much. It just cannot be true.
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message 17: by Solady (new)

Solady Batterjee I started reading the book 10 years ago and could not finish it...was too much for me to handle

Nojood Alsudairi As a mother, I do not blame you.

Donabilla عندما قرأت الكتاب لم أستطع تصديق أحداثه و لم أتخيل امكانية حدوثه و لكن ما يعتبر جيد في الكتاب هو أسلوب المؤلف لأنه بالرغم من فظاعةالأحداث إلا أن أسلوب السرد كان يشجع على اكمال قراءة الكتاب

Nojood Alsudairi I, personally, read it out of curiousity; to see where one person's imagination would take!

Abdullah I totally agree with you.
I just couldn't believe most of it !

message 12: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Just because you can't mentally handle it doesn't mean it's not true. THe truth is there are people out there that are almost literaly concieved by the devil, so wake up and smell the fire, honey, get out of that dreamland where everything's perfect and look around! Think outside the box, think of the possibilities, the horrible possibilities, look it up on the web, find out what you can do to help, and you will see that this is all true, and you need recognize now,so it won't surprise you later. please ponder it a little further and reconsider how you feel about this.

Nojood Alsudairi May be.
By the way, I was there when this book was published!
I still think that there is a lot of exaggeration.

message 10: by Katlyn (new)

Katlyn whatz horible iz that i was in 6th grade last year n some of my friendz had 2 read this book 4 an assignment. i don't care if itz true or not--teacherz shouldn't be handing it out as homework and thatz coming from me n i love 2 read--even if it is homework

Nojood Alsudairi I agree with you.

Suzy Atkin I work in social services and you can only imagine what some children go through, the things that happened to Dave in this book are common occurrences withing abusers (holding back food, seeing the child suffer in pain, 'accidental' injuries). Instead of arguing about how truthful the book is, just open your mind to the fact this DOES happen in our world and we must do something about it. If we see or hear children being abused call your local child protection services, even if is 'doubt' don't delay.

message 7: by Amber (new)

Amber I see alot of people asking what is the point of the book and how poorly written it was. I don't think that Dave went to any English Classes and I doubt his purpose was to sound like Stephen King. The purpose is to show people that things like this can happen and it can be happening to anyone. you should always have your eyes open for any type of abuse. If this book was made up then at least it brought some awareness and is a tool and voice for Childre all over the world who are being abused.

message 6: by Amber (new)

Amber The thing with unstable parents is that you do not know what they are thinking and if there is alcohol in the mix or substance abuse then you end up like Daves mother. It is hard to understand the phsycology that goes behind the abuse of a mother to there child and it is Normal to here different points of view in one familys upbringing for example me and my little sister dont recall my mother ever punishing us however my two older sisters do they would get spanked with the belt hangers electic cords. She would take them cold showers and take them to my grandmothers when she could not handle them. me and my younger sister were always with her and were not abused.

message 5: by Amber (new)

Amber The point of the book is to show people that they should be greatful for what they have because your child might be upset because you did not by them the new PSP game and that they have to eat there vegetables while your next doornabor might be having to eat his own vomite and sleep in the garage

message 4: by Amber (new)

Amber Katlyn wrote: "whatz horible iz that i was in 6th grade last year n some of my friendz had 2 read this book 4 an assignment. i don't care if itz true or not--teacherz shouldn't be handing it out as homework and t..."

Hi Katlyn I also read this book in middle school and I can tell you it changed the way I looked at things I remember when I was in 6th Grade there was a fellow student who smelled like pee all the time his pants no longer fit him and his toe was coming out of his shoe. he was really quiet but all the kids laughed at him and bullied him one day he no longer came to school and was never heard from again. When I read this book a year later I understood that this Child was probably in that same situation and because of us his life was even worse I swore never to make fun of anyone ever again because you never know whats going on

Ansemus84 Oh believe me it CAN be true!! But yer it is SO horrible that one almost cannot believe it.
But if Fritzel could lock his own children in the basement their whole childhood and rape his daugher and make her pregnant with his own child, this story can be true too!
If a 15 months old boy could be killed here in Denmark last year after two months of terrible abuse from his stepfather, and the mother doing nothing about it, and even lies down beside her dying son watching a cartoon in TV and afterwards fall in to sleep, this book can be true!
And if the mother of two girls together with their stepfather can force them into having sex with them both at the same time, having sex with their dog and having sex with other men visiting, this can be true!

And if Hitler did what he did - I believe this story IS true!!

One should never say that a child is lying, when telling a story like this - they do not make it up! And its important that we do not look away doing nothing!

christinE I can understand how some people aren't ale to imagine it because they aren't completely aware of child labour. It could be true though..

message 1: by Victoria (new) - added it

Victoria Terzo Just because its such a tremendously sad book doesn't mean its not true. You're just in denial.

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