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Silver Surfer by Jim Starlin
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May 10, 11

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In many ways this book should truly be marked as, 'Prelude to Infinity Gauntlet,' for it is this book that sets up that crossover in many ways.

Following his death at the hands of Warlock in his last scuffle with the Avengers, Thanos had been heard of very little, sans an appearance in the Death of Captain Marvel Graphic Novel. Starlin came onto the Silver Surfer book in 1988 and used it as a device to return Thanos to the fold of the Marvel Universe.

As such, the first five issues collected in this volume are Silver Surfer #34-38, these are the issues that see Thanos return to the land of the living, and begin on the quest that will eventually lead into the Infinity Gauntlet.

The story starts with Silver Surfer finally getting a reprieve from Galactus and taking a moment to rest, he then has what he thinks is a vision of Death unleashing Thanos' sole back into the realm of the living. Once he seemingly awakens it is revealed that this was not the case and that Death has returned Thanos to the world of the living. Thanos then takes the time to explain why Death returned him, and his ultimate goal because of this.

Over the next issues we see Silver Surfer attempt to gather information regarding Thanos, in an attempt to stop him, as it was revealed by Death that the Surfer is possibly one of the people to oppose him on his journey.

These issues also see the return of Drax the Destroyer, the man who's only goal in life is to destroy Thanos. While Thanos himself reappears to some of his former minions, re-establishing himself as the leader. Killing his supposed heir, and dispatching her bodyguard with relative ease.

The Silver Surfer series ends with Surfer having a final confrontation with Thanos, in the hopes that he can stop him from causing the untold destruction he hopes to unleash. A cosmic powered battle ensues, where Surfer seems to have defeated him, only revealed immediately afterwards to be a ruse. Surfer leaves believing Thanos destroyed, while Thanos can now begin his true goal without the Surfer interfering.

This leads the collection into the second half, which collects both over-sized issues of 'Thanos Quest.'

Thanos' goal with Death becomes to annihilate half the universe, to prevent the Universe from essentially destroying itself. He can do so...but discovers that if he collects all six Infinity Gems, also called Soul Gems, he can complete this task with ease and his power would be unrivaled. This revelation is revealed in Silver Surfer, but Thanos Quest follows his quest to collect all six of the gems.

Thanos faces such people as The In-Betweener, The Champion, The Gardener, The Runner, The Collector and finally The Grand Master, one by one besting them and taking their gems from them. With all the Gems collected, he returns to Death, and finds that he is now not her equal, but her superior, a situation which troubles Thanos, as his true goal was to become her equal.

Starlin continues to craft the Marvel cosmic universe with these stories, over 10 years after Thanos was destroyed, and 6 years after Captain Marvel died. Thanos continues to develop as a character, and his fetish and love for death only is more exemplified because of this. We find that everything he does, he does for her. With his ultimate goal hopefully winning him the true affection of Death. Starlin created Thanos, and as such becomes the man that writes him the best. The stories feel epic, and the character of Thanos' truly shows he'll go to any depths to achieve his goals.

Along for the ride is classic Starlin' artist partner, Ron Lim, who draws all the issues of Silver Surfer, as well as both issues of Thanos Quest. Ron Lim has a really good sleek style that fits the cosmic scene very well. A talent that would be later used on the Infinity Gauntlet series.

This is an excellent collection that picks up essentially right after the Death of Captain Marvel for any Thanos fans. Previous information about the issues beforehand is not necessary and Starlin does a good job of recapping previous Thanos' stories so you need not even read those, though I suggest you do. We see Thanos begin his path to the Infinity Gauntlet, and as the last pages of this collection suggest, the story follows directly into the main Infinity Gauntlet story.

An amazing collection that cannot be missed for Thanos or Marvel Cosmic fans, and builds right into Infinity Gauntlet.

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