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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
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May 18, 11

Read from April 05 to 06, 2011

My original review was four stars. When I blasted my way through CoFA, I was sleep deprived and still buzzing with excitement over a fourth book, but that is NO excuse. I really liked the first three Mortal Instrument books, really I did. Why? They had a firm plot that actually made sense. I'm not really sure if it's true that Cassie was originally going to make this series a spinoff about Simon, then she had a writers block so she also added Jace and Clary's POV. If all of that is true, shame on you CC. It explains a lot. Now, I look back and realized they were standing around talking during the book than anything else! It wasn't even anything interesting, just talking about a small snippet of action scene that ended as soon as it had begun. Then Jace and Clary just decide to start randomly making out? That's not how normal people solve problems, there is no osmosis of thoughts through the mouth if you were wondering. I plan to reread while I'm fully awake, and possibly add more. Going back, it really was kind of a train wreck. This made me really disappointed. I might read CoLS, just see see what kind of jacked up plot has come into play next.

Just tried reading CoFA again. I couldn't, so, yup. This is my review. Pretty half ass, just like this book... How I wish she had just ended it with THREE books! That's all it was meant to be, don't tell us differently CC, with your pointy teeth and that evil grin. AND, NO, your cover is not beautiful, sorry. Clary is going to give me nightmares tonight.

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