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The Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason
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Mar 22, 2011

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Read from February 15 to 17, 2011

Known to most as Viscount Dewhurst, Voss Arden, is a 148 year old vampire who loves to be immortal. Voss, along with his other vampire brethren were not born into this lifestyle. Lucifer came to them individually in a dream, leaving his Mark on them, and when they awoke, they were vampire. They have found others throughout their life, and have banded together in a sense. Voss thrives on learning other people’s secrets. Knowing information is the key to many things and he makes it a game to learn as much as he can about others. While he is not gaining intel, he is usually bedding and drinking from many women. His newest conquest is to learn which of the Woodmore sisters has The Sight.

Angelica Woodmore learned from an early age that when she touches an object belonging to someone else, she can see a picture of this person’s death. So she is able to estimate how old and where this person will die. This is a curse and a blessing. She currently charges people for use of her Sight, and uses the money to fund an orphanage. But she has also seen her sister’s future deaths, and carries this burden within herself.

Now, Angelica’s brother Chas has disappeared with Narcise Moldavi. Narcise is Cezar Moldavi’s sister. Unknown to Angelica, Moldavi is a vampire, and not well liked by other vampires. With previous instructions from Chas, Angelica and her sisters new guardian until Chas returns is Dimitri. Dimitri is also a vampire, one that doesn’t want to be saddled with mortal women, but will keep them safe at all costs. Dimitri and Voss have a complicated history, and are not on the best terms. When Voss starts sniffing around Angelica, vampire tensions flare. But it is when Moldavi makes an appearance, Angelica needs to decide who she is safer with.

The Vampire Voss is the first in a new series by Colleen Gleason. I have previously read her other historical paranormal series, The Gardella Chronicles and absolutely adore those books. In this series however, each book does have a HEA at the end.

What I like about this book is the world. The idea that Lucifer visited these people later in their lives and turned them into vampires is a neat concept. Also, each vampire has a weakness – it can be anything as simple as an apple, or gold. Voss’s weakness is the hyssop plant. When near it, he becomes very weak. Obviously, each vampire guards this weakness with much secrecy. And of course these weaknesses intrigue Voss to no end.

I immediately liked Voss in this book. He is very conceded and arrogant. The backdrop of frilly balls and London ton society paired up with violent vampires is a really fun scenario. I also liked Angelica. However, I never really fell for their romance. I never believed in Voss’s transformation from vampire rake, to romantic love interest. I remember looking down at my Kindle and I was 3/4 into the book thinking how in the world are these two ever going to get together. He is still sleeping with other people late into the book. I agree Voss needed time to go from conceded, blood thirsty vampire to a man Angelica could love, but I think this occurs way too far into the book. I needed more time to be convinced for their love for each other.

Vampire Dimitri, Angelica’s guardian has some really great sexual tension with Angelica’s sister Maia. There chemistry totally outshines Voss and Angelica. Thankfully his book is next and I really look forward to seeing him in action.

The Vampire Voss didn’t quite do it for me in the romance department. I hope in the next book, Dimitri can bring it.

Rating: C
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