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The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V.S. Redick
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Jan 29, 2011

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Read from January 19 to 29, 2011

A truly enjoyable romp through a unique fantasy world. Filled with intrigue, espionage, and plots within plots, The Red Wolf Conspiracy is set almost exclusively at sea aboard an ancient magical ship whose empire is a thallassocracy. So a brushing up of ship terms may be useful. Redick has created a highly original world with a explosive political and religious environment, unique races like the Ixchel and the Flickerman, and a cataclysmic history with left over relics including the great ship Chathrand that the story is based around.
The Red Wolf Conspiracy fits firmly in traditional high fantasy genre having a central protagonist being a ’poor orphan boy’ with a unique gift, who is suddenly catapulted into saving all that is good with the help of a ’wise uncle’ he sees from time to time,. Though don’t be put off by the stereotype, as there is plenty of intrigue and skulduggery afoot and everything is certainly not what it seems.
The character view point of the plot can shift dramatically sometimes making certain scenes somewhat confusing but on a whole the books is a highly enthralling read. The story is sometimes broken up with chapters devoted to diary entries or letters of central characters (like Stoker’s Dracula) giving the reader a valuable insight into the integrity and motivation of the character.
Apart from a slight implausibility of what motivates the main character Pazel, to risk everything to save an empire that destroyed his home, and a slight touch of accidental hero syndrome, no matter what happens to him Pazel ends up and the right place and the right time, The Red Wolf Conspiracy remains a gripping debut of a series. Gripping, original and clever I look forward to reading the next novel, The Rats of the Ruling Sea.

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01/20/2011 page 1
0.0% "Giddyup! Theres a map at the back!"
01/22/2011 page 30
5.0% "Loving getting to know a whole new worlds geography, theology, and races. The Ixchal bode well for fantastic reading. Kind of a cross between the sylvian elf createdby tolkien and the elves and the shoemaker pixie of the old faire tale"
01/25/2011 page 102
18.0% "Engrossing in its rich plot and detail. A complex world of history and culture. Reminds me a lot of the works f Guy Gavriel Kay."
01/27/2011 page 366
65.0% "Conspiracies, plots and hidden agendas abound"

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