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Poisoned Kisses by Stephanie Draven
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Jan 19, 2011

really liked it

(from Murphy's Library - - rated 3 and a half there)

You've got to have some balls to write about mythology and make it work. Draven haven't got balls, but she's got something much better: courage. This is the type of book you will read truly fast. Sit down, open it, and when you last expect it you will be near the end... Not that it makes the book less exciting. No! The book has the pages it has to have, and its construction is great.

Kyra is a great main character, and I loved how her personality was well built. She is a warrior nymph—and I think Stephanie did a really good job with Kyra's mythology— and her destiny is to conquer a hydra, but Kyra interpreted it differently and thinks what she needs to do is to kill one. So, you could say, her destiny is to kill Marco Kaisaris. Marco is an arms dealer with powers, a Hydra, and, ultimately, Kyra's biggest problem. Can she kill someone that attracts her that much? I think so, especially since Marco's kisses leads her to a poisoning case. But can she do it even after seeing Marco's soul?

The book is a big web of mythologies and fundaments that we've heard since our childhood, but it is really well put together. Marco is the character you can crush on—badass, misterious, beautiful and sexy—and Kyra is the woman who can kick some asses, but seems to be too affected by Marco's power over her. It is cliche? Oh, hell, yeah, it is. But it is the type of book you need to read once in a while to decompress.

In terms of decompressing, Poisoned Kisses was the book that better did its job in a long time. It reminded me of the Otherkin Series, by Eve Silver, the narrative and the way the story hooked me. I liked it!

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