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Halt's Peril by John Flanagan
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Feb 24, 2011

really liked it
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Read from February 04 to 19, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I'm still a bit disappointed in our brilliant rangers. We've already established that the Genovesans use poison and like to use poison. So, why on earth didn't they even suspect that there would be poison on the crossbow bolts? Also, why didn't they think of catching the Genovesan and poisoning him to get him to rat out the antidote before going after Malcolm, that's what I would've done. If you're gonna play with poison, you better expect to be on the receiving end as well. Also, when Horace was getting strangled, why didn't he clap his hands or stomp his feet? Anything to make any noise would have worked, but he just didn't think of it until too late. As for tracking Tennyson, I could have done without the side tracking after the Scotti and the hints of a ghost near the barrows (fairly awesome that this world has barrows though). Now, that they've dealt with Tennyson, it is only my faith in the author that makes me believe he is actually dead. Unless they want to dig it out, the body is covered in rubble and thus only presumed dead... Luckily, I believe that the author is done with this particular arc and will move on to something else. This one is a bit rougher than the early ones as well. The sailors are willing to sink ships of people, the Scotti are raiding farms, and Tennyson's group is plundering farms as well. In addition to that, the people who originally believe Tennyson are made to look like simpletons and fools (they almost risk getting killed in the fighting for their gold). There isn't very much cursing, and the only romance is people threatening Halt with telling Lady Pauline about his stubbornness.

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