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Bruiser by Neal Shusterman
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Feb 01, 2011

liked it

I thought this book was really good i would love to read ot again it toook me a while to finish it but i finally did it. I chose this book because i thought it was reallly intresting and just looking at the cover made me wannna read it. Brusier he was very intresting he was very special and every thought he was a bad person but he really wansnt a bad person just didnt wanna get close to anyone or care about them because he will take away there brusies and he didnt want to have more bruises then he already had.I thought this boook was AMAZING i loved it i would wannna read it aws a class novel its soo goood i really liked it but i liked how bronte and brusier are so cute and together and i love then ending how they tennnyoson and bronte take there brusies back and how all his brusises are gone that was my favorite part and i dont like the part when tennyson makes brusiser go to the game to take his brusises so they win and they do but brusier is in alota pain and after katrina and tennysons break up and how brusier takes his pain from the breakup so now tennyson feels great i really liked this book i wanna read it again yeahh it took me a while to finish it but i finally did and i loved the ending i think it was romantic it was adorable i really liked it anyways i love this book there was so much intresting stuff going on it wanna me to keep reading and i did and more and more and more intresting stuff kept happeing it was soo good u would love to read it again but this book was kinda sad too at the end but it kept me wanting to keep reading and i did and i liked it even more and more and more and more anyways i think we should read this as a class novel because i think everybody will love it like i did because it was so good thanks Mrs.Sternberg and Mr.Collins for helping me choose this book (:
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message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I am going to put your grade in, but you need to finish this to keep it - I'm glad you liked the book :-)

Danii yeah i know. usallly it takes me a while to find a book i actually enjoy (:

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