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From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris
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May 21, 08

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Read in May, 2008

The book was entertaining, but something is beginning to bother me about the writing as I continue with this series, although I can't quite put my finger on it.

Maybe it's that Sookie's inner voice is starting to sound like that of Harper Connelly, the protagonist of Harris' other paranormal series, and that's not a good thing. Like Harper, Sookie seems detached, reacting to events without really feeling anything. The shallow writing style also makes it seem as if Sookie isn't very bright. (Her Southern dialect is much more pronounced in this book. I remember smiling at the occasional Southern-style phrasing in the earlier books, but now it's really thick.)

Maybe it's that every scene seems incomplete, and every conversation gets cut off before any real discussion takes place - especially any conversation with Bill or Eric, who drop in for 15-second sound bites and then disappear. It's very unsatisfying.

The author includes a lot of mundane details about Sookie's life. She paints her toenails, goes grocery shopping, and cleans up at the bar. I like these kind of details, I really do, but this book isn't long enough to support them. It feels like the author has padded out a short story into a novel.

And on a final whinging note, this book is a full-sized hardback, which means it doesn't match the rest of my set.
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Mona F I agree with your comments about the conversations with Eric and Bill, who should be key characters are like "sound bites". I am beginning to feel frustrated with the series because I just want her to develop Sookie's personal relationships more with these characters to make them deeper and more complex. I like the action in the books, but I really wish the author would develop the characters relationships more and give more than a tease in each book.

Jamie Collins The next one has a lot of Eric, which is a good thing, even though it's not a very satisfying book.

Canada Snyder I agree with your comments but I really liked bill...he seems to be much more of a complex character struggling between two worlds Eric is just Eric and predictable hope the next one is better

Abby I really agree with all of your review, especially the parts about Sookie doing mundane things. I like the action in the story (Harris is doing a much better job at thickening the plot than in her earlier books in the series), but Sookie's daily activities really slow down what could be a much more gripping story. It's annoying, but I have to finish the rest of the series.

Jamie Collins Unfortunately, I think the series goes downhill from here. I've found the most recent books nearly unreadable. But I hope you enjoy them more than I have!

Crystal I do agree with your comments on Sookie coming of as dumb. I just finished it I felt out seemed rushed. I read that Harris was in three middle of writing when Katrina hit and felt she couldn't leave it out. I'm hoping Eric and Sookie develop their relationship more considering Wednesday they have been through.

Crystal what they have been through** sorry phone spell check -_-

Kathy Well put!!!
I hope that we soon get old fun feel what she's feeling sookie back. Wondering if anyone remembers her addressing the reader in the other books? She does it a lot in this one - the others (to my memory) it was like she was talking to herself, but this one didn't get that feeling. I'm wondering of this is her separating from herself?

Isabelg I completely agree with you. I started dreading sookie going to work scenes because they became filler. I anxiously read for interactions with bill, Eric or Quinn but all were completely disatisfying. Sookie never has any real conversations. The book is all description and contemplation. Also, whenever sookie is offered a great opportunity for help or a favor she turns it down and continues on with her mundane day to day.. Why?? I loved the series but can't read it anymore after I read a spoiler about who sookie ends up with. I am so disappointed.

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