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Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu
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Jan 18, 2011

really liked it
Read in January, 2011

We have another book which falls under the category of shock title. It is, however, very appropriately named. Lucy is the youngest child of a hoarder. She is now living alone with her mother and has suffered the consequences for all of life that she can remember. She has had to forgo friends coming over, sleepovers, etc. Once, when Lucy was caught unaware, a friend entered her house and her reaction was to publicly humiliate Lucy.

Lucy is now sixteen and works carefully to keep her few friends away from her house. She returns home to a big surprise; her mom is dead under a stack of magazines and newspapers that fall upon her. Lucy spends much of the novel trying to cover up any evidence of hoarding so that the paramedics do not see the home and have the media get wind of the situation.

At the beginning of the novel, the writing was somewhat basic as Lucy was with her friends (the author is not the caliber of Sarah Dessen but teenagers will most likely forgive her and continue reading). As soon as the author charts familiar territory (hoarding - because she works with hoarders and children of hoarders) the novel becomes really interesting and unique enough to read and not want to set down. Much of the novel covers the emotional aspects that a child of a hoarder encounters and is really interesting and well done.

This is a good novel for teenagers to begin to understand the emotional impact various illnesses have upon individuals.
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bjneary Reading this now! So far, can't put it down, but I am thinking this girl should be calling 911...not leaving mom on the floor and cleaning out the house.

Khornberger Good point! As you read further, I think you will see why she doesn't. She is pretty scarred from the lifetime of this secret.

Let me know if you still think so at the end and what you think when you are all done!!!! I think you will love the book!!!

Can't wait to see you soon at PSLA. Are you going to Pete&C?

bjneary You are so right, I loved this book and boy was Lucy scarred, but I am so glad she sees what her mother and sister became and is going to be different from them at all costs! So sad to think you can't have friends over and how evil her mother became with Lucy, yet she was a good and caring nurse?! Her mother fooled everyone!

I can't wait to see you too!
My district doesn't pay for anything so I am allowing myself PSLA and the ISTE conference (in Philadelphia, late June)
Have fun at Pete&C.

Khornberger I couldn't believe how gross the house was as she was finding stuff!!!! The ending makes me want a little more - I keep thinking of what the aftermath could have been. I, also, think it was great that the sister was portrayed as following in the footsteps and her fiance sort of just allowed himself to be blind to it.
Definitely a good book!

Bekci, Mary, and I are doing a poster session at ISTE! Come see us!!

We just had our ceiling fall in over the fiction section with water and soot falling all over the books! We just re-opened Thursday. It's been overwhelming! We are getting back to normal, though!

bjneary I hated the part about her poor hamster! And yes, the slime in the pile of the magazines did make me gag and how about the duct-taped slippers her mother never took off, yet her daughter gave her a new pair. That is definitely a mental illness if you ask me.
I would love to see your poster session at ISTE! Are you doing Glogster or other apps? And is Mary, Mary Schwander? Do I know Bekci?
Horrible about your fiction! It happened to a small area of our Biography, but we didn't find it til after the mold had settled in and the pages dried. No ceiling tiles falling in to alert us, it was a leak.
Are you going to the Reading Olympics Selection March 1st at the Bucks County IU?
Have a great week!

Khornberger Yes, Mary Schwander and Bekci is Bekci Kelly, she joined Top 40 last year.
I will try to come to RO selection!

bjneary Great!

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