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Wrangled and Tangled by Lorelei James
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Loved it and it kept me up late finishing it! This series is getting as good as her Rough Rider series. Loved all the characters especially Renner and Abe. Loved the two love stories for the price of one and I didn't feel cheated because they weaved together so well. The romance and connections between the two sets of lovers was so raw and real, angry at times, as well as, sugar sweet. Lorelei James's cowboys are my ideals!!, gallant and knightly; possessive and alpha; and oh so charming.

I loved that the two stories were opposite, Abe and Janie were exes that broke up for the right reasons 8 years earlier (not that hearts weren't broken at the time). They loved each other, but didn't fit together at that time in their lives- they both needed to grow up and go out on their own. Janie needed to find her professional side and experience the big world. Abe needed to realize the mold of his parent's life was not what would work for him and Janie. She broke his heart and left him and he was too stubborn to follow. And best of all Abe learned to get his freak on by finding out what he liked in the bedroom which were toys, domination, and lots of fun, sexy play. I would have loved to see the old girlfriend from book 2 make an appearance. She was such a bitch, but I learned from this book that she expanded Abe's mind with her kink and would have loved to see Janie's claws come out and fight for Abe. Also what was up with Janie's crazy stalker and accidents, the story line just disappeared. I wish LL would have either expanded it or dropped it entirely.

Renner and Tierney were like oil and water, which so worked for me. They both made the wrong assumptions about each other, especially him of her. He thought she was daddy's little girl that was given everything and he didn't like her watching his every move. Once they got together they were like dynamite, they had such chemistry and just exploded when they finally connected and relieved the tension. I loved how Renner got to give Tierney all her firsts, it meant so much to both of them. Tierney became a different person because of Renner. (view spoiler)

I love how Lorelei knows exactly what I want when it comes to sexual tension and hot love scenes. She has the right build up, the right words- not over the top with crudeness, but the perfect mixture of explicitness and tender love words. She gives just enough detail to get you stirred up, but not cringing with overly described body parts. She has the perfect amount of love scenes that it doesn't feel like sex scene after sex scene that are pages long. Sometimes they are short and interrupted and sometimes long with the perfect "happy endings". Also no menage in this one, which doesn't bother me, but I know some people don't like.

There were touching moments between both couples. (view spoiler)

I can't wait for the next book, One Night Rodeo. Lorelei gave a sneaky, little glimpse at the end of WaT and left out who got married. Kyle and Celia are my guess and I think their story will be amazing. Celia reminds me a little bit of Keely from LL's Rough Riders series...the wild child!

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Karla Woohoo!

Splage 2 sexy love stories for the price of one and I don't feel cheated!

Karla Don't you just love Renner?! He was so good with Tierney, when he popped her! LOL! Amazing stuff about Abe too! The book is just amazing.

I screwed up my last status, I actually am 77% done. I should finish tonight.

Splage Ok, I just reread my review and I said the word "loved" 9 times. That is crazy, but I am not going to change it because I loved the book!

Vicki Great review, I 'loved' it! I'm looking forward to reading this one, I'm behind by a book...need to catch up! :)

Karla Holy Crap, what an awesome review! Yeah, what was up with the stalker thing, it just fell of the pages. That scene at the bar...WOW! Those 2 were so good together, and I loved when Abe laid it on the line for Janie. Some of my favorite scenes from the book!

Splage Vicki wrote: "Great review, I 'loved' it! I'm looking forward to reading this one, I'm behind by a book...need to catch up! :)"
Oh Vicki, book 2 & 3 are so good. I liked them much better than book 1.


Jolyn No menage?!? I'm all over it

Splage My statement in my review regarding "no menage" was just for you:)

Jolyn Lol.. Thanks!! I wish I could get into the sharing thing. I know I miss out on a lot of great books because of it.. I just like the jealous posessive heroes ;)

Nicole-Pattypattz1 Nice review Splage! I've read the first two books in this series, but not this one yet. I agree that the RR series is really good. Lorelei's Cowboys are wickedly sexy!

Splage Thanks N-Pp. I love my McKay cowboys!

Nicole-Pattypattz1 Splage wrote: "Thanks N-Pp. I love my McKay cowboys!"

Me too bb...me too!

Donna Baldwin I love her books I have the other 2 preordered I can't wait to get them

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