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Hexbound by Chloe Neill
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Jan 19, 2011

it was ok
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Chloe Neill, popular Paranormal Romance author of Chicagoland Vampires takes a stab at the Urban Fantasy YA genre in her new book, Hexbound.

Neill demonstrates that stabbing isn't nearly as fun as it looks.

Hexbound is the story of sixteen year old Parker, who is sent to boarding school by her elusive and myterious parents. Her new friend, Scout, is kidnapped by Reapers, magic stealers, to have her soul sucked out until she dies. The Enclave, group of good magic users, refuses to rescue her so Parker must amass whatever friends will help in order to get her friend back. While partaking in the rescue effort, her own magical abilities are sparked by a mysterious Reaper, Sebastian, who saves her life.

Sound interesting? Intriguing? Yes, unfortunately you don't get to read that novel because the story actually starts a week later when Parker is doing her Trig homework and painting her nails. Okay, I lie, she wasn't painting her nails.

Nail art
But that might have been more interesting...

So Parker has rescued her best friend and they're doing the usual. Homework, classes, hanging out in dank tunnels hunting things. It's all very apathetic and you get the sense that if the story doesn't care, why should you?

Oh no! The rat people are advancing on us at a rate of two feet per minute! Whatever shall we do? Oh that's right, our magic. Done. Let's go get kebabs.

Oh no! The hobo vampires who live in the pedway and camp out in unused offices are going to suck us dry while they style their repetitive emo fringes! Whatever shall we do? Magic! That will solve our problems! Except where to get a kebab at this time of night...

Then comes the Reapers. You'd think things would get a little more interesting and tense when their arch nemesis show up because they can do magic too. After all, why shouldn't things get intense? They want to suck out your life source and kill you. They kidnap you guys for their sadistic magic addiction. So you'd think when Parker and Scout trap two of them as they're sneaking into the school to do something predictably nefarious, that shit would get real!


The Reapers get bound by invisible ropes and dumped just outside the school. Parker doesn't even knock them out because then the slimy rat people might get them.

I'm sorry. What? What part of evildoers trying to kidnap you and steal your soul do you not comprehend? Understand, they're not after your school spirit here guys, though you'll be mistaken for thinking that when you meet them. You're not even going to take them back to basecamp and interrogate them for information? You're not going to inprison them to STOP them from killing OTHER people? You're just going to remind them that they're on your turf and move on with your life?

Okay, your decision. All I'm saying is that if some peeps show up in my home and I catch them with the intention to kill my family and I... Well, I'm probably going to do something about it.

So besides the fact that this novel is painfully boring and nonsensical, there is the problem with characterization. It would be unfair of me NOT to pull Neill up for basically copying Mallory from Chicagoland Vampires and making her into a teenage Scout. They're pretty much the same person.

Every single character in this book is a shallow two-dimensional walking plank.

The brat pack are evil bitches with no redeeming qualities. Scout and Parker are incredibly cool with ever ready quips and zingers as if they're reading from cue cards and everybody who isn't evil loves them or is obsessed with them. Actually, scratch that, everyone is obsessed with them.

It's all so sickeningly perfect and at the same time interminably dull.

gossip girl
Pretty much exactly like this

Which pretty much sums up this entire book.
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message 1: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey Oh gawd. Gross nails. That woman obviously never has any kind of sexual relations, whether alone or with another person... *shivers*

Hilarious review! I don't think I'll be reading this one, although I am intrigued by the concept of hobo vampires. I thought all immortal beings were filthy rich?

Kat Kennedy No. You know what, I really like the idea of hobo vampires. I think it makes sense. But it's just done stupidly in this novel.

Creatures of the night = sexy.
Creatures of the pedway = lame.

message 3: by Lyndsey (new)

Lyndsey As cute as he is, there have been times when Robert Pattinson looks like a hobo. But since he isn't technically a vamp in real life. I don't think he qualifies.

message 4: by Kristin (new) - added it

Kristin  (MyBookishWays Reviews) hahahahahahaha...great review, and I just bought this one on Kindle. oy...

Kat Kennedy Jillian - I have mixed feeling about Chicagoland Vampires. First time I read it, I loved it. Second time the first two books really bored me.

Good luck with them though!

Kat Kennedy Yeah I know it was but I couldn't get a copy.

Barbara (VampAngel) Great review, I will avoid it for sure.

I'm not a fan of Neill. I read all 3 Chicagoland books and thought they were very weak. I couldn't connect with Merit and Ethan was just blah. I thought it was all very blah, to be truthful. And the way Merit talks sounds more like a teenage girl than a grown woman, especially when she keeps (for 3 books) calling all men boys. It's not the worst series around, but not in any way close to the best ones. I just didn't connect with any of it.

Just my 2 cents.

message 8: by Flannery (new)

Flannery If you read the first book you probably wouldn't have read the second one:-) At least, that's how I felt about it. Good review, though!

@Jillian--I just read those recently and really enjoyed them. They aren't as good as the Fever books (not by a long shot) but they are entertaining. And Ethan Sullivan is hot.

message 9: by Leah (new)

Leah LMAO! Great review, Kat. Those nails, though...pretty fucking scary. Poor Donald.

Dinjolina Like like like the rew, :)
You nailed it. :)

Kelly The interesting plot from the first paragraph happens in book one--but I totally agree with the rest of this. The supernatural battles don't feel any more important than catfights with the mean girls.

message 12: by Ivana (new)

Ivana can somebody please tell me how to put pictures in reviews. i'm stuck

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