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Blood Red Road by Moira Young
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Jan 17, 2011

it was amazing
Read from April 29 to 30, 2011

Highlights: a kidnapping, cage fights to the death, a delusional psycho King and killer worms. Ha! Blood Red Road is chock full of adventure that I could not get enough of. So, yup, I loved almost every moment of it. There’s also the added bonus of a Jack and Saba~ their interaction was a cool (sweet?) break in between all the heart pumping action.

Saba is so strong. I won’t lie, she did have moments of “duh” but overall I found myself admiring her strength. With her father killed shortly after her twin is kidnapped, she’s left to rescue him and tend to a little sister she despises. Touching a little bit on that, the sibling’s relationship was another thing I found fascinating. There’s a lot of bias in her for Lugh and against Emmi; Emmi, IMO, reacted rather appropriately. But once their circumstances changed so did they

There’s a section in it that just made me want to read The Girl in the Arena. When Saba found herself in such a place, my first reaction was to wonder what a book focused solely on that hook would read like. If BRR was just about that, I’d probably be even more excited than I am now and start pushing it on my buddies. My point? Even if it was a just a short (but important) part of the whole story, I thought it was so convincing/effective despite the few number of chapters it dealt with. I may come across as blood thirsty, but I wanted more!

Their world is Cool. I love “dystopian” just as much as the next reader, and if it hasn’t slipped by yet, there have been a ton of “dystopians” dished out of late. A ton that haven’t been living up to my expectations given the focus on lurv. But BRR? didn’t disappoint. Point One, one aspect of the story that may or may not work for some readers is the eye dialect. I loved it, the same way I loved Todd’s voice in The Knife Of Never Letting Go. Her voice just (like his) so clearly demonstrates the state of things in their world. And Point two, there isn’t a big rebellion in it, although it could have worked out that way. At BRR’s core is Adventure.

The biggest negative for me had to do with Saba and Jack. Yes, their “connection” injected the necessary sweet, funny elements that would have made this book totally well rounded for me, but IMO it could have been dealt with a bit more fairly. What exactly am I saying? Why did the author have to take some of Saba’s awesomeness away by making her out to be the jealous shrew type? It’s a good thing those instances only happened a few times; if not for those few instances, I would have loved everything about the way things were developing for them.

So freaking good!

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Carina This sounds so good, S&S are awesome! Did you see that they have Forbidden in their galley grab this month? Isn't that great?
I'm hoping to read Ordinary Beauty by Laura Wiess, but I'll have to read it on my computer.

Cassi aka Snow White Haggard Added to my TBR list!

Isamlq Cassi (Is out of glitter *sadness*) wrote: "Added to my TBR list!"

Yay! :) June cant get here soon enough, I really want my own copy :)

message 4: by Flannery (last edited May 01, 2011 12:26PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Flannery I totally agree with you about Girl in the Arena. I've had that one for a while and never read it but that part in BRR made me salivate in hope that GitA would be something like Saba's arena stuff.

Rollie Diyos ko, I want to read this now. :D

Isamlq Rollie wrote: "Diyos ko, I want to read this now. :D"

rollie, you really should :)

Rollie Haha. I'm very much wishing that when I woke up tomorrow, the book would be in my hands already. :D

message 8: by Say (new) - rated it 5 stars

Say just bought this today (finally) after looking at it in the shelves of fullybooked! excited to read it!

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