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Duck! by Kim Dare
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Jan 16, 2011

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bookshelves: bdsm, d-s, fiction, kindle, m-m-romance, romance, retold-fairytale

I love the premise of this book: retelling The Ugly Duckling as an avian shape-shifting, bdsm tale. Plus I have a thing for wings--and though this isn't quite wingfic, it's close enough to suit me. So I was all set to love this book.

But while I enjoyed this story, I didn't fall in love with it. The characters are likable, but rather one dimensional; Raynard and Ori don't have much personality beyond the fact that one's all dom and one's all sub. Worse, there are some disturbing, institution-sanctioned abuse scenes early on. Not between Raynard and Ori, thankfully, but--well, suffice to say that Ori had a rough time of it before Raynard decided to rescue him.

One last complaint: I would have loved more details about this avian world! It's intriguing, but it could stand some fleshing out.

Still, my kvetching aside, this is an imaginative take on the original fairy tale. Apart from those early abuse scenes, it makes for a pleasant read.
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Blaine I read this because I saw it on your list. The premise drew me in. And I liked it :)
Somehow I didn't mind the narrowed view of the characters (focussing on their dynamic solely).
I do agree with wanting to know more about the avian world.
What bothered me was the incessant use of titles and the fact that the main character was only referred to by his last name, even by himself. That just doesn't gel for me (unless there's a reason)
I rated it 4 stars.

J. Rosemary Moss Wow! I didn't notice the last name thing until you pointed it out, but you're right. (Do we know Raynard's first name?)

Meanwhile, I didn't mind the focus on their dynamic--it's just that after reading the book, I felt I didn't know anything about Ori except that he was a sub by nature and likes to read. Or anything about Raynard except that he's a dom by nature, and that he has issues straightening out his late relative's affairs. I wanted to know more about both men!

Blaine It's Frederick Raynard, it's (only) mentioned in the first scene from his pov.

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