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Jasmine by Bharati Mukherjee
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May 24, 07

bookshelves: fiction
Read in May, 2007

Alright doggs I have been getting puzzled on Achewood all morning so this review will be written in the voice of Roast Beef Kazenakis


Jasmine is a book about a lady who is from Circumstances. She is afflicted by all manner of heavy events from when she is a little girl in hicksville India to when she is a grown lady in Iowa (seriously Iowa) but she pulls through with hell of resilience and determination. Sayin it like that you might think this was some Lifetime movie Oprah book nonsense but Jasmine seriously got mad huevos. She is too real for Lifetime and if Oprah picked her book then it just speaks well of Oprah and should not be held against her despite Dr Phil and all. Jasmine ain't a simple person either, you aint always sure shes doing the right thing but you always understand where she is coming from. All in all this was a high class book. It helps to know a little about India and all the different groups and religions and languages they got over there, but these days anyone with a computer can brush up on that stuff as they go with little or no trouble so don't let that keep you from reading this if you're feeling inclined

- rb

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