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Dark Memories by Kailin Gow
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Jan 17, 2011

really liked it
Read in January, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Okay, I have to rewrite my review since my computer crashed and, when I was almost done writing it, the review got erased. So this won't be as in-depth as it was before my computer crashed, as I do not want to try to re-write everything that I wrote before.

In this book, Kristine is beaten about half-way through. I have to say that in a way I felt sad about that. I mean, yeah, she's a villain, but one I can't help but to feel sorry for. Her father "killed" an Aragon, was sentenced to death, and the Aragon man he "killed" was really in hiding, and is revealed to have loved Kristine's mom. Talk about a downer. If I was her, well, I probably wouldn't have been a succubus-like creature, but I'd have turned into someone that society locks in a mental institution today. I think Kristine is... bad. Not necessarily evil, because she turned that way because of what others had done to her, but she's a bit to evil to be good. So meet it in the middle--she's bad.
There are supposedly three men in Annette's life--Eric, the Phantom, Aaron, owner of the opera house, and Chase, the nice violinist. (I didn't describe who they were because... I don't know why, I just didn't). In the first book, two of the three were truly the prominent characters, Eric and Chase. In the second book, the prominent characters were Eric and Aaron. If Ms. Gow's choice on who becomes Annette's true lover has rang out in both books, then the person Miss Binoche loves would be Eric. I think Eric is the right one for her, although I actually like the other two guys vying for her affections, which doesn't happen too much with me in books, where I don't just tolerate one of the love interests. I think Chase is sweet, but kind of juvenile. I really don't see him ending up with Annette, mainly because while he can make her laugh, the two just don't connect. Aaron is adorable (by this I mean his behaviors kept making me giggle, although at times I wanted to strangle him). Aaron becomes much more prominent in this book, and even though I don't think he should end up with Annette, I hope he does have a happy ending. He thinks he knows what's best for Annette, and I rather hate that about him, but Aaron is in the end someone who I don't want to strangle because their character infuriates me so.
Eric is... well, he's Eric. I'm not going to talk much about him because I think that I don't need to explain why I think he shouldn't end up with Annette, as I want him to in the end. I love the fact that he's passionate. It really comes out of the story, and is not just mentioned and never followed through.

There's only one more detail about the book that doesn't actually judge how good I thought the book was: that scene where Aaron proposed to Annette? It had me laughing like a madman (never mind the fact that I'm a girl), as it was so freaking hilarious. Cute, yes. Sweet, yes. Supposed to be serious, yes. But it was devastatingly funny.

Okay, so um... this book was better than the first, as it wasn't all about Annette wanting to have sex with her three guys ALL THE TIME. I think, though I'm not sure, that this book only mentioning Annette's... horniness... once, and even then I had to crack up laughing. (The scenes where Annette is all passionate is saying "make love to me" are also devastatingly funny to me. I don't know why, but they just are.) This book had more of a plot than that of the first book, which was mainly, to me, about Annette's lust for Eric, Aaron, and Chase. Although I am not entirely certain of the entire plot events of book two, I could understand it much more than book one. All in all, this was a good book, although the cliffhanger endings are killing me! This book did not end in too much of a cliffhanger, but still! It's frustrating as hell to have to wait an entire year to finish the cliffhanger's ending. I mean, once I read the story, and there's a cliffhanger at the end, I get so irritated if I read the book again that I don't pay attention much anymore and I start to hat the book, although not so much that I'd give up on the series. And when I finished the first book of the Phantom Diaries, with such an annoying cliffhanger, I had to buy the second book immediately, even though I didn't entirely have money to buy Dark Memories. (I bought it on the Kindle, though, so it was cheaper than in paperback.)

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