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Demon Lover by Bonnie Dee
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Jan 15, 2011

did not like it
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Read in January, 2011

This is a tough one because it is well written and the sex is hot but... I loved the beginning of the book so much I was ready to give it five stars and wake up all my friends, demanding that they read it. It totally worked as an adult fairy tale. Then it all went to hell on a hand basket. Really, the minute Gwyneth (heroine) goes to the Underworld, this story fell apart for me because she started to annoy me. The more I read and got to 'know' her, the more I disliked her.

It's really my fault because I'm really a snob when it comes to heroines. I need to like them, respect them, think that they are worthy of the time I'm spending reading about them. My heroines don't need to be perfect (I really prefer they aren't) but they better be more than spineless twits who can't make up their minds. No amount of well written sex can overcome an immature mary sue who is shallow and vapid. Oh and don't mind her incredible beauty because we are 'told' how she really cares for the less fortunate (pardon while I vomit).I think the beginning worked so well because her life was at stake and we didn't get to 'know' her.

Don't get me started on the hero who is so deliciously dark and rakish in the beginning turning into a besotted schoolboy showing off his toys in order to impress the 'pretty girl'. He became so boringly PC with his modern sensibilities of equality for all that when the snippets of rake tried to come out during the sex scenes it was too little, too late.

I can't believe how the second half ruined a deliciously smutty fairy tale. Should you read it? Sure, if you don't mind skimming all of the second half 'plot' and 'characterization' and just zeroing in on the sex scenes (which were really good and almost deserving an extra star, but I simply couldn't bring myself to give this story 2 stars).

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message 1: by Raven (new)

Raven Hi! I'm just about 60% done and they arrived in the underworld, the Sex-Deal is struck and He gets to show her arround a little bit. But the heroin seems to have a stable charakter if not overly explored. But why does she look shallow to you? The Underworld King sees her as shallow and this is expressed several times... But I read her at least differently. I'm not finished jet so there could still be more dramatic shallowness to come (but I hope not...)

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