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Oogy by Larry Levin
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Jan 13, 11

Read in January, 2011

I really wanted to love this book--it had all the traits of a tearjerker--abused puppy left for dead by dog fighters, rescued by a kind hearted veterinarian's assistant, adopted by family, and is the most loving dog despite the past abuse. And the story is quite touching. However, I couldn't get past how it was written, too many needless details. It was like the author read a "how to write a memoir" book and threw in all the techniques--start with foreshadowing, then rewind and tell the story, incorporate details to make the reader visualize what happened. But the details are what made me skim over pages--I don't need to know what the coffeemaker sounded like. I don't need to know what sound the gauze made when it hit the trash can when you were in the veterinarian's office. Just tell the story! Also, I am a little tired of authors writing lovingly about their dog's misbehavior--"oh it is so cute when my dog jumps on other people/climbs on the table/eats food out of the fridge"-it is not cute and just because he was abused does not mean you shouldn't provide discipline-TRAIN YOUR DOG!

Overall,I liked the concept of this book (and by the way, the dog is NOT a pit bull apparently) but I couldn't get past the way it was written.
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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole I agreed on the last part! He would constantly say that he "never wanted oogy to have fear again" so he let him destroy his house. That really bothered me, abused or not dogs need to be trained

message 2: by Eva (new) - rated it 3 stars

Eva Leger I agree with it all. Wayyyy too descriptive. I like the book and I think I'll end up giving it more than two stars. I think. But he could have left much out in terms of descriptions. :(
I don't know, I guess that's what's happens with some non-authors write a book.

Elizabeth Agreed. I kept wondering what Ceasar Milan would say about this dog.

Andrea This is a perfect review of this book. Spot on, but npt too many spots and of just the right color and a certain kind of texture and

message 5: by Margot (new)

Margot Wark Yes. Our beloved beagle, Fred, was found running on the road before we adopted him and we feel like not only was he abandoned but also abused. He still cringes if he thinks we're angry with him as we approach. Fred is such a blessing to us, we love him so much and we hope to make up for pain he endured in the past, but we he knows what the limits are. We don't want to spoil his sweetness by not setting boundaries and he really is a sweetheart.

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