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The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers
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Reading Progress

01/13/2011 page 1
0.0% "Armistice Night"
01/14/2011 page 2
1.0% "

The General's Last Evening : The posh sleuth probes the mysterious Mr Oliver - and a pair of tricky wills."
01/17/2011 page 3
1.0% "

Mr Oliver

Probing the general's last movements, Lord Peter Wimsey seeks out his grandson."
01/18/2011 page 4
2.0% "


The posh sleuth awaits the doctor's verdict and there's a revelation at a party."
01/19/2011 page 5
2.0% "

At Lady Dormer's - Knowing the general was poisoned, Lord Peter Wimsey probes Miss Dorland's hobby."
01/20/2011 page 6
2.0% "

Ann Dorland

With two suspects missing, Lord Peter Wimsey battles to pinpoint the poisoner."

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Carey Combe One of my favourites

☯Bettie☯ *gasp* "I say! Great Scott! He's Dead"

message 3: by Hayes (new)

Hayes This was a good one for the radio! Can't wait to see what they make of Strong Poisson *hee hee*

☯Bettie☯ [image error]

Strong fish? that would have to be the swedish thing 'Surstromming'.

message 5: by Hayes (new)

Hayes ewwwwwwww......

☯Bettie☯ I could send you some, just say the word.

message 7: by Hayes (new)

Hayes No, no... I wouldn't want to deprive you and M!

Carey Combe I think I'd stick to the anchovies if I were you Hayes!

☯Bettie☯ Wouldn't touch this with yours!

They toss it in a barrel, shoot it, let it ferment for a couple of years, just for your delight.

It is special, says dear M.

message 10: by Hayes (new)

Hayes I'm sure it is! *rolling eyes*

☯Bettie☯ *faux sigh* no takers then- cultural cowards that you are.


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