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Riding the Night by Jaci Burton
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Jan 13, 2011

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bookshelves: erotic-romantic-suspense
Read in January, 2011

Ok/good for romantic suspense with motorcycle gangs. Lots of sex, two men loving and sharing one woman.

In a small town not far from St. Louis are two motorcycle gangs. The Thorns rule the south side. The Fists rule the north side. Fists sell drugs. Thorns don’t do anything illegal that I could tell. The Fists want to take over the south side so they can have access to the river for their drug business. Joey is the leader of the Thorns. His sister Theresa owns a successful biker bar with pool tables, TVs, and attractive female bartenders who dance on top of the bars.

Five years ago, two masked bikers attacked and raped Theresa. She’s had no sex with anyone since, partly due to her fears and partly due to other men’s issues with the rape. Ten years ago, AJ and Theresa were 18 and in love. But AJ broke up with her and left town. He had begun stealing cars and felt he couldn’t give her the life she deserved. General Lee is head of a group of government agents who specialize in going undercover as bikers. AJ turned his life around and works for General Lee. His best friend and partner is Pax. AJ and Pax love sharing a woman either separately or at the same time. It’s hetero sex. AJ and Pax have some vacation time, and AJ wants to see his home town. They stop at Theresa’s biker bar and see her. That same night, the Fists come in and start a fight with the Thorns. The Fist leader is killed. The cops arrest Joey as their main suspect. Theresa saw who did it (a Fist member) but the cops don’t believe her. Theresa wants to find the killer to identify him. AJ and Pax help her. AJ and Pax start having lustful and loving sex with Theresa.

This is romantic suspense with Theresa in danger more than once. The story was ok but didn’t wow me. There is a lot of sex, and it’s good. There is some rear door activity if that matters. It seemed odd to have a group of agents who only investigated and went undercover with motorcycle gangs. I suppose that could exist, I just hadn’t thought about it before. The Thorns were a “good” gang. I wondered what they did - just hang out for fun? I was pleased there were no major problems such as stupidity or vague communication. At one point I thought Theresa was doing something stupid, but later realized it had some merit. The motive for the rape was questionable. The rapists wanted to hurt someone, and I’m not sure that was the way to achieve their goal. But I won’t judge. There wasn’t much character development. I didn’t know anything about AJ or Pax, other than reformed bad boys. We know a little more about Theresa – her bar ownership, her psychological trauma from rape, and how she handles some of the danger. She was good to read about. There was an interesting twist toward the end.

This was the 5th book in the series. I have not read any other the others. It was fine as a stand-alone.

Story length: 309 pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 9. Estimated number of sex scene pages: 58. Setting: current day mostly Missouri and S. Dakota. Copyright: 2010. Genre: erotic romantic suspense.
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