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Ice by Sarah Beth Durst
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Jan 12, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: fairy-tale-retellings, ya-fantasy

It started out with an interesting concept, a fairly likeable heroine, a unique and detailed environment and some classic fairytale elements to admire. Even if I never want to venture into the Artic and make my living on the ice fields, I could admire Cassie's resiliance and her determination to focus on what she loves, and work for it. The opening chapters really seemed to set the stage for a quite different adventure and journey to take place.
Then, along came the central relationship development, and quickly it all went to poop for me - the love story felt bizarre, and somehow superficial and rushed. And when the "Breaking Dawn" moment occurred - try as I might, I just couldn't continue. Pity, because I was quite looking forward to this one. Why must my morals always be challenged with these young female protagonists?! Why are they all incubators?! Why do their male partners use them so?! WHY?! This isn't romance, it's just plain warped!!!! And it's being passed off as sweet and genuine and simple in it's life-affirming emotional message..... ugh. *rams head against wall*
So sad...
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Lara You din't like it Renee? I'm half way tru it, then I'll tell you what I thought of it.

Fran Are you referring to the "misunderstanding" with the Polar Bear and the pills when you refer to the BD moment? I had a hard time getting past that one too. But I did continue reading. There's some decent stuff after: Cassie does get through some challenges using her brains and determination. But it's all to get back to the love of her life who is a POLAR BEAR! I just couldn't get passed that. And I get that he didn't mean to hurt her by messing with her hormones, but it's not something that you can just say "oops, my mistake" to, and then move on! And when you think about it, what is this trying to teach teen girls? That accidental pregnancy is just the best thing ever?!

Renee Thomas Hehe, you said it LG! And yes, I too was continually shuddering at the polar bear element: I get that he's still 'him', whatever his physical state, and you know I love and respect animals with all my heart, but at the end of the day: humans DO NOT marry, have intimate relations and raise a family with polar bears!!!!! Now, fair enough - I might be displaying some double standards because I had little issue with Beast not changing at the end of Rose Daughter, but even then I wondered how exactly they were going to progress to a physical relationship - and at least he was partly humanoidish.
Added to the messed up pairing that is Cassie and Bear, I also just had huge issues with her never seeing him in human form, and yet conceiving a child with him all the same. I know that his being hidden in his human incarnation was all part of the curse/bargain and that is an essential element of the fairy tale, and the moral is that appearances do not matter, which is fine but honestly - girls, just shack up with a fella who seems nice enough. It doesn't matter if you've never actually laid eyes on him or anything, and that he insists on any intimate interactions between the two of you taking place in absolute darkness. It's all groovy, and 100% healthy and normal.
*head on desk*

Fran Hehe, exactly! Plus the fact that he's a polar bear at all other times bothered me. I don't have a problem with him being a polar bear by day, but he seems like a polar bear most of the time she knows him. Essentially she doesn't know him as a human being. His human identity seems secondary. The romance just seemed icky for that reason.

I also had a problem with the fact that Cassie essentially hooks up witn the guy who kidnapped her mother. He's totally OK with her being the replacement wife... And of course that suggests that he's a LOT older than Cassie too...

In Rose Daughter I'd also pictured the Beast as somewhat humanoid. Not the most handsome guy but different from the bearish Beast of films.

Katrina Patton If you've never read other versions of this, I highly recommend East (North Child...title depends on the version). He's still a polar bear, but his character is developed much more completely so the ickiness is not there...In my opinion, she caved to him way too quickly and the journey part afterward was super drawn out and boring, so you really didn't miss anything.

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