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Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
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Jan 11, 11

it was amazing
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Oh holy book reading, I LOVED THIS! LOVED it! .....Did I mention that I LOVED it? Well, I do.
HOWEVER.....even though this book is a YA novel, I would not let any daughter of mine under 18 read this.

Moving on.....
I picked this up right after i finished Nevermore and it also follows that whole "two people, different worlds, cultures, throw them together in high school" storyline....

This book took me into a world that after i went to bed every night from reading, I would be thanking the almighty that i live no where near a gang and have no family involved. but if I did...the guy would be Alex.

Alex has seen hardcore life moments all his life. As a senior in High school, he is looking forward to being the first one in his family to have graduated with a diploma. Alex is smart. Alex is very loyal.
Alex is the man in the house for his mother and two younger brothers with the world on his back.
Alex is also extremely good looking. And Alex is also, in a gang. A part that he had no control over to play.

The author did some major research on gangs and life for a family to where when your poor and have no other choice, each family in these communities see no other choice but to subject there young sons to be trained and join whichever gang your side of the address is located for so called "protection".

A part of me had a really hard time reading parts of this because she took you right there to make you see the how's.... and the why's of life for families in these areas. How once your in...your in. And the only way out is certain death to the person and threats with violence to the families.

No matter how smart you are, To a lot of young teenagers all over face this day in and day out. Mothers who have no way of protecting there sons when their husbands get killed or run off.

Now, don't be fooled by the dark area of this book. This book was FUNNY! I laughed so much. And the best and bright spot and hope for Alex.....


Brittany and Alex had me from page one and I loved loosing time and going into their story and seeing how two people really fall for each other. Being from two very different sides that might look different ....But really, they have everything in common.

Brittany may look all shiny and picture perfect, but just like Alex....She has the world and then some on her back as well.

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