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Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jan 11, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: urban-fantasy
Read in June, 2009

I have to say that Edward and Olaf are two of my favorite characters. Knowing that this book was about them had me extremely excited to read it. Unfortunately, I was let down. I didn't think I could get more disappointed after Blue Moon, I was wrong.

Edward calls in Anita's favor by asking her to solve the case of the fleshless ones. People are turning up dead with only parts of them remaining, other people are turning up alive with no skin and seemingly in no pain. Anita must find out who is behind the murders so that Edward and his sidekicks rapist Olaf and assassin Bernardo can kill it. There isn't much clue finding here. There is an Aztec theme throughout, some thugs after Edward's woman for stopping a pot hunt, and a crazy master vampire. It is my opinion that Laurell K Hamilton isn't the best at mystery books. With so many of the previous books being 90% character building, dialogue, and soul searching, and 10% mystery, the switch to 90% mystery is a little difficult. Edward and Olaf were great characters, and I loved their dialogue sections, but everyone else was boring. I couldn't stomach a three page description of a house, or a two page discussion with a cop. Nothing was happening in this novel. It could have easily been 200 pages and enjoyable instead of 400 pages and plodding. I've never been as bored in an Anita Blake novel as I was in this one. I'd also like to note that I like my Edward cold and calculating, Ted was a bit annoying, and he is definitely going soft. Olaf was much more interesting. Either way, they were the only interesting things in the entire book.
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