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The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jan 11, 2011

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Read in May, 2009

Having read the last few Anita Blake books before I started the beginning of the series skews my view a bit. This book is mainly about zombies and Anita's necromancer abilities. Where Guilty Pleasures succeeded, this books fails. There are no interesting characters and little mention of vampires though there is plenty of bits and pieces of half eaten families. The characters made Guilty Pleasures enjoyable, and make most of Laurell K Hamilton's books great. This book is ok as a mystery read, but I couldn't find myself caring who was summoning zombies to eat people. I do enjoy learning more about Anita and her relationship with Jean Claude, and this book certainly kept me interested enough not to skip anything, but it's definitely not great. As a side note, one thing I found really annoying about this book is the constant description of Anita's clothes. Every single time Anita changes clothes we have to hear about how many pockets the outfit has, what size it is, what color, where she is going to put her guns. I really don't care what a character is wearing on a day to day basis.

In the grand scheme of things this books isn't important at all to read. There is no new information gleaned about any of the characters in the later books, and Anita doesn't change at all as a character due to the events in this book. If you are at all weary about reading this, but want to continue the series, it is certainly ok to skip it. If you are coming at this book without having read the first one you will be fine as well. The first book wasn't necessarily a beginning, it just threw us into Anita's life. You would be ok to start the series here if you must. Overall, a decent read but nothing special. The Laughing Corpse lacks the dynamic characters that make me love this series, and was a bit lackluster and flat.

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