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Rooms by James L. Rubart
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Feb 11, 11

Read in January, 2011

Holy crap! No, that's not a two word review, but it could be. This book was not at all what I was expecting. As a "non-religious" person, I found this book to be a little too over the top with the holy-roller stuff. If you're a confirmed believer in all things God/Savior/Sin, you will probably love it. If you are turned off by televangelists or Jehovah's Witnesses, you will probably hate it. I had the distinct feeling that if the author met me, he would tell me I was going to burn in hell.

The Christian angle notwithstanding, I didn't find the characters to be particularly believable. A good horror/suspense novel tends to ease into the supernatural aspects of the story. I thought the book jumped into it quickly, before I really had time to get the whole "suspension of disbelief" thing going. I also didn't think there was much in the way of meaningful suspense, and what little suspense there was seemed to be resolved in a pretty heavy-handed, expedient manner. Not being all that familiar with christian-based fiction, maybe that's just the way these sorts of novels are. Certainly not a complete waste of time, but I did find myself rolling my eyes on occasion because of some of the inane actions of and conclusions drawn by the characters. I guess I couldn't relate.
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Melissa Can I just ditto your review?

Kelli This review says it all! Nice job!

message 3: by Kirah (new) - added it

Kirah Just sayin not all Christians are like that...

Johnny Virgil Like what? I was just talking about this book, not Christians. I know many fine Christians. :)

message 5: by Kirah (new) - added it

Kirah Okay, I haven't read the book yet. You said something about how the author made you feel like you were going to burn in hell. I was just saying that really most Christians aren't like Jehovah's Witnesses and all that. I mean I just don't want you too feel like all Christians either hate you because you aren't one or they want you to just revert automatically to Christianity. It was a very well written review, I just wanted you to know a lot of Christians are pretty nice, if you already didn't know.

Johnny Virgil Nope, just the book. I found it very preachy. It seemed almost as if the author's personal beliefs shone transparently through the characters and took you out of the story.

message 7: by Kirah (new) - added it

Kirah Well I will have to read it sometime, it does sound pretty interesting. I hope it isn't a boring book because of how the author writes... lol

Candace Gronek it is categorized in Christian fiction

Don Incognito Holy roller? Jehovah's Witnesses? I don't know what a "holy roller" is except some kind of stereotype of Christian piety, and Jehovah's Witnesses are a different religious group that this book has nothing to do with. I don't understand what scares you about this book. It's about a broken guy who has run away from God due to a childhood trauma and then walks into a supernatural house that God uses to communicate with him. Why are you referencing horror/suspense novels? It's not supposed to have either of those elements.

message 10: by Kirah (new) - added it

Kirah It's just a book and people are entitled to their opions on it.

Johnny Virgil It didn't scare me, it just wasn't very good. I understand that JW's and Christians are different. It was too much, like a JW on your doorstep at 7am on a Saturday morning is too much. As for the term "holy roller" you are correct, that's exactly what I meant. I felt that the entire book was a stereotype of Christian piety. As for my comment about horror/supernatural-type books -- My point was that I felt like I was being asked to suspend my disbelief too soon. I used horror/supernatural novels as an example of two types of story that require that suspension. I didn't mean to imply that this is a horror novel. It's clearly not.

Johnny Virgil Candace, it may be categorized that way here, but it was not where I purchased it.

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