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Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
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Sep 15, 2011

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If there is one thing you should know about me, is that I am a big.fat.chicken.shit. Yes, my favorite genre is indeed paranormal; vampires that explode, werewolves clawing a mans head right off and feyfolk turning there victims into ice cubes and smashing them into bits? Yes yes yes.
Scary-as-hell supernatural little girl ghost haunting in her pretty little bloodied white dress as she savagely rips her victims entrails out as it plops it to the floor? No no no.
I'm amazed I even survived the first half of this book. It was from sheer morbid curiousness that I even continued on. I wanted to know Anna's story and why Cass was so different from the rest.

Cassio is a ghost hunter, like his dad before him, but since he was killed by a job gone wrong, it's up to Cass to make sure he puts the dead to rest before they continue on their killing spree.
Cass and his mom find themselves in Thunder Bay (Ontario! Yikes) for Cass's next job. He has to find a girl who's called Anna Dressed in Blood. In the last 60 years, Anna's ruthless reputation for killing anyone who enters her home is exactly why Cass has to put a stop to it. So...why does she spare Cass when Anna knows he's there to kill her...?

So, I'm not even sure what else to say. This book is NOT a Tina book and I blame my dame curiosity for the nightmares that will come...which they will. But I will say this is a really good freaken horror story. Kendare Blake's writing is strong. To strong. She basically scared the shit of me. She doesn't hold back with the gore and gruesome scenes, and I couldn't help but picture it so vividly in my mind. This book is pure shutter-worthy and a littleteenytiny part of me kinda liked it, the other part, not so much.

I really did love Cass though. He's such a fun character, he's easy to relate too and his witty personality tended to ease a lot of the more intense scenes. He's also unintentionally funny. One of my favorite lines is when he was frustrated and nonchalantly said "Just let me kill you". I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous-but-dire situation he was in. He wants to revenge his dads death but he doesn't use that excuse on the job. He doesn't make it personal and doesn't enjoy it either which is pretty refreshing. What happened to Anna was just terrible and what she was propelled to do was just sick.
The plot changes up in the second half taking it to a new level of intrigue with the Obeahman. Funny enough, I kinda preferred it rather then endure Anna's wrath.

Over all, I can't say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading this book, since hiding in a pillow kinda takes away from the experience and all. I liked the way it ended but I'm still undecided if I want to read the next book in the series. I'm probably making a bigger deal then most other readers, but I guess it all depends on your comfort zone when it comes to horror. Obviously, I'm not good with it, but I will say that for anyone who wants a really good scary ghost story, then this is the book for you.
Yup. It might have scared the bejeezus out of me, but this was still some dame good storytelling!!
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~Tina~ I am now on a mad search to find something to read that is funny and happy and romantic. This book was just...WoW! @.o

Wendy Darling Hah, great review, Tina. Um, please explain further about the

werewolves clawing a mans head right off and feyfolk turning there victims into ice cubes and smashing them into bits, though.

o _ O

~Tina~ lol I just meant that I'm okay with all other forms of paranormal. It's not real to me. I believe in ghost though, so this book scared me in a way that other paranormal books don't.

Wendy Darling Are you referring to specific books, though? I'm just angling for recommendations. ;) If not, you should totally write those books.

~Tina~ Ohhh lol. No, I didn't have a book in mind but I think The Iron Fey books has a scene where a character was turned into ice:D All though, I wouldn't mind reading a more graphic werewolf book, I find them fascinating but I struggle with that particular paranorm.

message 6: by Nic (new) - added it

Nic Brilliant review twinie! It does sound like a hide in the freezer kind of book but I am excited to read it :)

~Tina~ Thanks twinie! Yup, totally freezer worthy;) I hope you enjoy it!

Nomes LOL. i kept grinning while i was reading this review :D

it is nto a me book, either, so i am surprised by how much i am liking it :)

~Tina~ Hehe! It's a really well done book Nomes, I'm glad your enjoying it:)

Kristy great review Tina! I'm right there with Nomes... it's not really me, but I still liked it!

~Tina~ Thanks Kristy! It's not me either, but I still ended up enjoying it:)

Arlene Love your review Tina! So glad you enjoyed it. I wish I would have been more creeped out, but that didn't happen. :/

~Tina~ It looks like it was still the experience for both of us sweets;) At least you gave it a go:)

Arlene Yup, it was. I enjoying reading the group reads, whether they turn out good or not so great. If feels good being a part of it. We seem to be split down the middle on this one, and it was still nice to discuss.

♥Rachel♥ Great review Tina, it made me laugh! I enjoyed this book but I wasn't as creeped out by it as you.

Surin Wow, this review definitely got me interested in reading. I've seen this book around the YA circles as books to read but nobody had a review up for it yet. Gulps, I'm chicken shit too so I almost half scared to see how I react to this. Horror movies totally scare me shitless but it's funny how I've never ever read a horror book. Well see how I fare!

~Tina~ You'll probably be just fine, I'm really bad when it comes to horror O.o lol

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