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Escaping The Giant Wave by Peg Kehret
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Jan 10, 2011

really liked it

This was an amazing book. It was exiting, thrilling, and it allways keep me guessing whats going to happen next. Right when you think that you know whats going to happen next it twist up. This book was about a family of four. Mom, Dad, Daughter, And son. This family won a prize. This price was an Vaction trip to the coast line of oregon. The family was so exited to get an all free vaction to oregon. The family got on there flight one morning they where soo exited for this vaccton. Once they got on there flight they where amazed. They had never been on a plane before. Once the plane got high anough in the air they started to have fun. Ordering drinks, Food, anything they wanted they got it and they where thrillied it was all free. For intertanment on the flight they Colored and read, they where having a blast. After they landed in Portland, Oregon they went and go there bags then headed out to catch there limo. They waited for a while but it was worth it when there Lincon jet black streetch limo pulled up in front of them. This was the first time they have ever been in a limo so they where really exited. The driver asked where to and they said the fronter lodge thats where they where staying. When they got to the frontier lodge they where shocked to see that the frontier lodge was stil in construction. So they stayed at the hotel next to it. After they got unpacked and everything the family went down to the beach. When the family was walking on the beach. The water was way to cold to swim so the daughter was picking up shells and putting them in a bucket. The son was looking for objects for a see picture he was planning on making. The two parents where just walking and talking along the beach. While walking across the beach the family noticed a sighn in the dunes. The sighn said " Warning the spot you are in is a dangered Tsunami area if there where a tsunami move as far upland as possible ". The dad said "you under stand this kids move upland if a hurricane ok ". The kids agreed and moved along with there beach trip. Once thy got back to the hotel the parents where off to a party on a cruise and the Son and Dauhter where going to be at the hotel alone. Whats going to happen next is there going to be a tsunami while there parents are gone ? Is the parents boat going to sink and not make it back to shore? Will something horrible happen to the kids ? These are all good questions Find the answer by reaing the book " Escaping The Giant Wave " By Peg Kehret
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Ben W. i COMPLETELY disagree

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