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The High King by Lloyd Alexander
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Jan 09, 11

** spoiler alert ** This book, as a conclusion to the series, was magnificent. The depth of character has extended beyond what it was in any of the other books, and for each character. The plot reminded me of Lord of the Rings (travel to the dark fortress, kill the evil overlord, and at the end we all get to go to the Grey Havens--err, Summer Lands! Avalon!).

But the story was very separate from LoTR also, and there was a surprising amount of depth--and death--in this children's story. The bad guys are very bad and the good guys are very good, and you can't help loving them. I nearly cried at the most poignant moments: Coll's death, Rhun's death, Fflewdur's destruction of his beloved harp to save his friends. But I liked that not everything worked out for everyone, and the author made a point of showing that it's the noblest thing to live and to die for the things that matter most.

Ultimately, the messages in these books are the things I appreciate most. That knowledge and work are more valuable than magical implements, that honest work can be just as noble as dying a hero. Also, that we weave our own destinies and have the choice to do what's right. It's for these reasons that these books are so great, and so pertinent to our time.

And all the characters are great, except for Glew, who is a brat. But I even forgave him at the end.

Everyone should read these books.

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