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Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan
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Jan 20, 11

bookshelves: fantasy, epic, reviewed
Read from January 09 to 19, 2011

** spoiler alert ** WOW. I just finished, lol.

Things I want to go on about later when I have time:

1. Noal = Jain Farstrider - I guessed this about 2/3 of the way through this book, but not sooner
2. ForTUONa. Only just got that in the last day or two. lol.
3. Moiraine!!!! Wheeee!
4. That Prophecy of the Shadow = CREEEEEEPY.
5. Rand meeting Lanfear again = ummm, what's he gonna do about that? not sure I wanna know!
6. Aviendha's visions from Rhuidean - talk about a depressing future. But I have to wonder, CAN she change the future?! I mean, the past was the isn't the future the future? I figure she can, but it seems more logical if she can't
7. The gathering on the Plains to hear Rand's 'demands' - pretty epic scene shaping up there.
8. Gawyn and Egwene - awwww!
9. Morgase and Tallanvor = ABOUT TIME!!!! sheeet.
10. Thom and Moiraine = ABOUT TIME!!! hehe
11. Mat losing his eye = about time!!! but ew and ow, and OUCH!
12. Those mofo'in CREEPY-ass black-red Aiel with the filed teeth. WTF?!?!!?
13. It was pretty cool how Gawyn saved Eggy's life from the Seanchan assassins!
14. Mat NOT reading Verin's letter - major D'OH! I liked Talmanes's reaction to reading it though. But Caemlyn's on fire
15. Elayne taking the Sun Throne = ABOUT TIME!!!

ok, I'm sure there's heaps else I have forgotten to mention, but I'll probably think of it later. a re-read.

and OMG. this means i'm ALL CAUGHT UP WITH THE SERIES!!!!!!!

first time since Winter's Heart was released that I've been able to say that.

EDIT: oh oh oh OH OH OH!

16. The Black Tower. SCARY SHIT. nuff said.

Things I don't like:

Sanderson's writing style. Still. Okay, that's not quite accurate. What I don't like is his choice of words. I definitely prefer his writing structure better (shorter scenes, more easily digestible, and pretty much every scene full of some kind of dramatic action (guess that comes with the last few books which have to tie all the loose ends up, right?

Anyway...even if what people say is true and he didn't want to sound like RJ, because that would be creepy, i.e. him trying to BE RJ...well, I wouldn't have found it creepy. I would have found it awesome, because these are RJ's books. Yes, Sanderson's doing a great thing by finishing off the series. But really he is a narrator, narrating what RJ laid down. I think he should have stuck more true to the RJ WoT style.

I must admit his writing has got better...and yet he made Mat say "Yeah"!!! I was NOT pleased. ;)

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