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The Vinyl Princess by Yvonne Prinz
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Jan 09, 2011

it was amazing
Read from January 09 to February 10, 2011

Book review:
I was reading the Vynnyl princess. It was a really good book. At first There is a girl and she creates a website called the vynnyl princess. She also is on summer break and she gets to be in her favorite place. The record store, where she has a job there. Then she meets someone named Joel. She thinks that she might be falling in love with someone she doesn't even know about. So one day she is helping him out at the record store and he asks her out. And of course she says yes and she freaks out. Then on the date she is really falling for him because he is telling her all these amazing stories about his life. Once the date is over she finds out that she is really liking this guy.
Later when The vynnyl princess was watching t.v she found out there has been a bunch of robbers who are robbing stores around the town. Then her mom gets all overwhelmed and wants her to quit before anything ever happens to her at the record store. But she can't quit cause she loves the place. I think that the vynnyl princess should have told her mom no instead of lying to her. But at the record store she finds a guy who is obbsessed about music too. He is kind of geeky and annoying. One day they really start to bond(his name is Zack) and when they bond she invites her over because when they heard all the things about the robery they did not know it would happen to them. But it did. Two guys came in and took all their money and had a gun. But someone in the store called the police and they came so they left. But when they left one of them said. “Have a nice day!” and the vynnyl princess recongnized the voice. It was Joel.
So when Zack comes over it is because Bob(the owner of the store) wants to close the store and the vynnyl princess is so upset and crushed. She is also a little shock that Joel was the robbers from all those stores and she won't tell the police. That is when I got mad cause she doesn't want to tell the police that she knows who the criminal is because she thinks that he can change and fall in love with her. But she didn't know that Zack kind of has a crush on her and when he came to comfort her, he had kissed her. She wasn't having the most normal day. But a couple of days later her best friend made her go to the police station and confess that she knows who it is. She has to look at a bunch of pictures. And she didn't get to finish so they have to go everyday until they find it. But the next day when they where on their way to the police station they heard a BANG! And they ran to it. They saw a bunch of police cars and an ambulance. They looked in the store and saw Joel shot and bleeding and his friend was in the bag they put you in when they are dead. She sees someone holding a gun and realized that he shot Joel. I was really surprised at that and apparently so was the vynnyl princess. A couple of days later The vynnyl princess starts to date Zack and the record store closed so that was the downer in the book(for her) but the ending was noce cause she got a boyfriend that understands her and likes all the things she likes so the book was really good.
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