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Passion by Lauren Kate
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Jan 09, 2011

it was ok
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Review of Passion by Lauren Kate
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Truthfully I don't even know why I read this book. I didn't really like the first two in the series, but I am sort of glad I did. This one was by far the best in the series, which isn't hard to do considering the first two. I'm going to start off by saying that this book reads more like a collection of short stories than a novel.

While the time traveling concept sounding good, and was one of the only reasons I liked this book better than Fallen and Torment, the whole time traveling thing was executed very poorly. This book broke the #1 rule in time traveling: You can't let your past/future self see the time traveling self. It just doesn't work like that because letting your past self see the self that is time traveling could forever alter the future. They also almost broke 2nd most important rule in time travel. This one would have been broken had Luce cut her soul out. See if she cut her soul out, she wouldn't be cursed in the present. If she wasn't cursed in the present she wouldn't know about the curse or any of the angel stuff, including the Announcers. If she doesn't know about the Announcer then she wouldn't know how to travel back in time. If she didn't travel back in time she wouldn't have broken the curse 5000 years ago. It's the same concept as you can't go back in time to stop your self from buying your time machine or stopping yourself from doing something, because if you didn't do whatever you stopped yourself from doing than you wouldn't have gone back in time to stop yourself.
The one redeeming factor in this book that made me like it better than the other ones was Luce and Daniel were apart for the whole book. Which is why the first two books annoyed me so much. This also made me realize that I will never be able to read a where the whole plot line is a romance.
The one thing I hated the most about this book was Bill. Ignoring the fact that he ended up being Lucifer, I thought that this character was completely unnecessary, and, frankly, the name was stupid. I mean Bill would have been a fine name if other characters had had names like that, but they don't. I mean when I first encountered Bill I thought the author had added him solely on a dare or something. Because why else would there be a character that is a GARGOYLE. I mean really, a gargoyle.
Unfortuneately I will probably end up reading Rapture just because I kind of do want to know how the story ends, no matter how poorly it is told.


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