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The Bachman Books by Richard Bachman
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Mar 04, 2011

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Read from January 09 to March 04, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Rage - This book was exactly the right length. It had the potential to drag on too long, and I found myself fearing it would, but he ended it at exactly the right point. It had the same feel to it as "Lord Of The Flies". You could feel something bad coming from the odd anarchy happening with the characters, but until it happened you weren't quite sure what it was going to be... Brilliant. Four stars, just because it wasn't a gripping tale. It didn't captivate me like Stephen King usually does.

The Long Walk - This book was incredibly depressing, even for a Stephen King book. Like my partner pointed out, though, if you go to Stephen King you aren't looking for rainbows and butterflies. It always messes with my head a bit when Stephen King walks his characters through the town I live in but these characters walked a road I drive every single day for work, and a lot of them died on that road. Morbid, even for Stephen King. However, it captivated me, partly because of its morbidity. I couldn't put it down. There were a few obvious and annoying errors, such as using the word "anthology" instead of "analogy" (unless there is a definition for anthology I'm not aware of that is blatantly incorrect). I think I would give this story on its own three stars.

Roadwork - Fascinating story. This entire breakdown of this man's life was amazing to witness. I particularly liked the way he began to care for the young hitchhiker. She was more than a one-night stand. That was beautiful. The whole story was beautiful and tragic and amazing.

The Running Man - Honestly, after reading The Long Walk and my girlfriend talking nonstop about "Hunger Games" I was kind of tired of the reality-tv-gone-morbid plotline by the time I got to this book. The first half of it, because of that, kind of bored. The ending made it worth it though. The frantic method in which is was written perfectly portrayed the frantic thoughts of the lead character as he tried to figure out what he was going to do. Brilliant.

Overall I am giving the whole book 3 stars because it was entirely too easy for me to put this book down at points and not pick it up for days, even when in the middle of one of the plotlines. Rage is still my favorite of the four because of the psychological and socio themes behind it. Overall, great book.

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