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Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost
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Feb 26, 11

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Read from February 23 to 26, 2011

After the last Night Huntress World book, First Drop of Crimson, I wasn't really sure what to expect of this book. But, thankfully, it pulled through and was exceedingly better than the first in the series.

First off, in case you didn't already know, this book is about Mencheres and Kira. Mencheres is Bones' grandsire and a very powerful Master vampire of a very large line. He's had some major roles in the main Night Huntress books. But, I wasn't sure if I would be able to find him sexy. I mean, he's a good guy and I like his character, but he's always seemed old in the books. Which, he is -- he's 4,000 or so years old. But, despite that he doesn't look old, that was my original hang up with what to think of this book and his character.

However, once I got past my previous assumptions about Mencheres, I really liked him. He seemed a little more "human" (so to speak) in this book with the different facets of his personality being revealed and shaping his character overall more. I thought that Kira was the perfect compliment to him as well. Sometimes the heroine just seems like she's a general cardboard cutout of an ideal female in the author's mind. However, Kira, I liked. She didn't seem like that at all and in fact was one of the more realistic heroines I've ever read. She also brought out part of Mencheres personality that were otherwise hidden by his very calculated indifference.

What I like about Kira is that she's not a female that has to show everyone she's capable of everything under the sun. She doesn't have to prove she's as tough as the big boys and she doesn't do stupid things. She's logical and thinks through her decisions before following through with them. There were even a few times in the beginning of this book where her thought process would fall into the general annoying thoughts of a heroine, but she would catch herself doing that and stop it. For example, I can't remember exactly what it was, but she was thinking about something to the extent of doubting Mencheres' feelings towards her. But then she stopped her thought process and allowed for rationality to step in and make her realize she was being presumptuous by thinking like that. I really hate it when a heroine is constantly saying things like "oh he must not have ever cared for me because he's not doing this-and-this or such-and-such". It gets to be so silly and so "high-school-drama" that it bugs the crap out of me. This was the main thing I loved about Kira. She was honest, straight forward, and cut the shit to get straight to the point, preventing any misunderstandings between them.

Overall, this was a pretty good novel. It started off without too much drama or anything really going on, which was a bit boring, but it quickly picked up and was really good after that. Definitely better than First Drop of Crimson, but still not as good as the main Night Huntress novels. Without Bones and Cat on the forefront of the story, something just seems to be lacking. They are in the story a little bit though as side characters, just to be clear. Although, my friend Rebecca noted that these books are in the third person instead of the first person like the Night Huntress novels. I'm wondering if this POV change is a reason why they aren't as good in my mind. Or perhaps she hit the jackpot with Bones/Cat and it's kind of hard to compare anything else to them, could be that too. :)
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