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The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook
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Mar 04, 11

bookshelves: urban-fantasy-uf, steampunk
Read from February 27 to March 04, 2011


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8.0% "Ahh! That's what bugger means in the context if this book." 7 comments
25.0% "I am loving this book!" 6 comments
36.0% 6 comments
78.0% "So is the reason that Mina doesn't want to continue with the Duke when she backs with London b/c of her mixed heritage? Is that the "cost of her blood"? I understand the issue of control, independence, etc. that governs her -- but is her origin the other issue?" 1 comment
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message 1: by AH (new) - rated it 5 stars

AH This was a fun book to read. I found the beginning a little confusing. The author has some background info on her world on her web pages.

Regina Good to know, I will check out her webpage if I have issues. Thank you!

Katie Regina how far are you? Just finished reading with AH...wondering if I can catch up to you?

Kasey How are you liking the story so far? AH is right it starts off a little confusing, but once it picks up it is good.

Regina Katie I only read a few pages last night. You can Definitely read with me. I will read probably about 5% more on the train this morning. I would love a buddy read!

Kasey I took the first few pages slow and sort of treated it like a high fantasy book where I had to learn all the world building. So it was okay. But I am not sure I am through the slow part yet ....

Katie I only got a few pages in mind is wandering trying to imagine the cities, the jewlery or gadgets (it didn't say what the 'eye' bracelets do) look like and do. I can buddy read tonight...

Kasey That will probably make it easier. Things pick up a little while after the Iron Duke (Rhys) comes into the picture. Although everyone having tons of names and their ships names were hard for me to keep up with. But I hope you like it once you get into it.

Katie Kasey which names are the most important, so as to make it easier...

Kasey Lady/Detective Inspector Wilhelmina Wentworth, Mina-pretty much just goes by Mina so that one is easy.

Iron Duke- Rhys, Trahaearn, Duke of Anglesey, captain-his ship is Marco's Terror a sea ship if I remember right.

Scarsdale, Lord Scarsdale, -Rhys' best friend.

Lady Corsair, Yasmeen, Captain Corair-her ship is Lady Corsair-it's an air ship or skyrunner

Dame Sawtooth, the Dame, -I'm pretty sure she has a ship, but I just can't remember the name.

The confusion probably won't come to much from these characters once you get into the book, but when they have lots of action going on they will just say the ship name or one of the names without the other and you won't know exactly who they are running from or to right away. But you can tell if it is a good guy or bad guy by the characters. Honestly by the end it didn't make to big of a difference.

It's been a while since I read the book though so I can't remember all the names and details. Hope these help.

Katie Okay Regina, i am checking in...

Regina I should be reading in about 1 hour. :) gotta get home from work (several filings today) and then put the kiddos to bed.

Chris I really enjoyed this. It opened me up to a whole new genre. I look forward to the second book. :o)

Katie I am really set to read now...sorry got busy for a minute

Regina Chris I remember you posting about it in TBW!

Ready set read Katie!!

Galla Yay! I feel like I should cue some inspirational theme music for you guys. :P

Regina I can almost here you ... Just a little bit louder. :)

Katie I am loving this too; got to Trahearn's POV last night and decided to read it on fresh eyes. Wondering why he wished to hell that he'd realized earlier why the red giant always followed her? Did I miss something?

Kasey He just realized that he is her bodyguard basically. Since she is part Horde people tend to beat her up and miss treat her. They don't even notice she is part bugger too. They just take out their hate for what the Horde did to them on her.

Regina Katie and Kasey I didnt see your recent posts. Yes, that is what I got too. So I finished and I was crying at the end, I am such a sap. I don't usually cry at the end of books. But this one moved me.

Kasey I'm glad you finished. And I'm guessing you liked it? :)

Regina Yes. :) very much!

Sandra You have this listed in a bookshelf called "available phili free." What's that?

Regina The Philadelphia library. :) it is where I checked it out the ebook from. Philadelphia allows non-residents to join their system for $15 a year. The application is online. You hav to mail it in. I got my card back in abou 2-3 weeks after I sent it in. They have a great selection of ebooks and audio books!

Sandra Oooh interesting. I wondered about ebooks via the library, how exactly does that work? If you don't mind.

Regina Super easy. is the system. From there you can search for your local library system. You can download to the computer and then transfer to your nook. I got my nook in decemeber just to check out library ebooks. And have checked out about 30 books so far. I belong to three overdrive libraries. If you have an iPhone you can check out ePub books to read on your phone. Most ebooks are either in PDF or ePub. The book expires off of the nook and computer at the end of the period.

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