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Tempted by P.C. Cast
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(Disclaimer; This is a rant)

I don't think I can find a more annoying lead character. I actually thought about it.

I've always been bothered by love stories conveyed so ''epic'' they are completely unrealistic. But this... this is way out of control. I mean, I'm good with playing the field, really, it's all good. That is, if you admit you're playing the field. But when I have to put up with Zoey jumping from guy to guy and then have to bear listening to her whine about her breaking the guys' hearts and how everyone judges her its simply too much. If you think you hurt people, how about you stop doing that? No, she keeps doing that and weirdly everyone seems ok with it, even joke about it so long the High Priestess remains on her altar.

And portraying Erik as ''the bad guy''? Now that's low. He wouldn't be possessive if he had a faithful girlfriend who doesn't cheat on him over and over again. The worst part is that the guys themselves feel free to kiss her or grope her with no hesitation considering she has a boyfriend, now what does that say about the girl? She puts no limits whatsoever. No wonder Erik is pissed, really, although I love Stark and he's my favorite, I root for Erik. He's the only one who stands up to her. They go on an on about Kalona's spell over people but what about the massive Zoey infatuation?

And in top of that, her oh-so-wise gramma says something like''its completely normal to be attracted to more than one man''. Um, yes but keyword there: attracted. It is not normal to make out or even sleep with ALL of them. (Again, its normal so long you are okay with doing that and admit it) And don't get me started with the sex thing. A girl with multiple boyfriends who is a pathological cheater giving a speech about how she is not ready for sex? PL-ease, nobody buys that.

Heath, Erik, Loren, Stark, Kalona... Its pure math, the minute she gets a guy, she starts 'having feelings' for a new one. We have a word for that kinda girls in Spanish, not sure how it goes in English... And its not a little crush, every new love interest is epic, and meant to be, and just adores her back. Too bad she never enjoys being with that guy cause she's already mind-fucking the next.

I kept asking myself WHY THE HELL I'm I still reading this? Well, mainly because I'd already bought these books. Secondly, and although I hate Zoey and nearly every character is a cliché, there's something about the world, and the story that I find interesting. That being said, I must admit I did not see the ending coming, but once again, the author managed to make a scene concerning another character -a scene that would've been heartbreaking nonetheless- all about Zoey. (view spoiler) I read this book mostly for Aphrodite and Darius and Stevie Rae and the Raven mocker whose name I can't remember. Those storylines kept me going. These are the only reasons why I'm giving it an extra star. Though I'm still unconvinced.

I'll probably read the next, especially since I already have it and I hear its from these two girls POV. I thank Nyx for that.
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~Jessica~I'm a Hoodie Ninja~ Girl, I give you credit for continuing to read these. I gave up!
You are so right about the world. I love the world, but I just don't like the characters. Especially (view spoiler) also known as Zoey lol

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