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Geek Charming by Robin Palmer
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Jan 26, 11

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Geek Charming
By Robin Palmer

Dylan is the reigning queen bee at Castle Heights High. She sits at the top of the popular ramp in the cafeteria. She is dating the popular UFC-obsessed surfer, Asher. Dylan is incredibly wealthy and is living the L.A. life to the fullest. Just like it only takes a spark to ignite a forest fire, one small event in Dylan’s daily life switches the course of Dylan’s ultimate life plan. While having a bit of a drama queen moment, Dylan lobs her rare, expensive Serge Sanchez bad into the fountain in her father’s mall. When the security guards refused to assist her in rescuing her priceless bag, Dylan grabs the nearest passer-by to retrieve it. Josh is a film nerd extraordinaire. Not only does he refer to famous directors by their first names as though they hang out such as Quentin and Steven (Tarantino and Spielberg, respectively), he aspires to join them in the ranks of most talented film directors ever. No way is he going to go in that fountain and get the bag for nothing. Josh proposes a bit of a business contract. He will go wading in the fountain to salvage the bag, but she must agree to be the subject of his documentary. Dylan half-heartedly agrees and Josh gets the bag.

Josh soon realizes he is in way over his head. Dylan’s demands are not only ridiculous; they could hurt the credibility of his documentary which will hopefully be his ticket into film school. From yoga classes to shopping trips, Josh becomes more of a personal driver than a director. However, these trips allow Josh to see a side of Dylan that she does not reveal to her adoring classmates. Dylan even does her best to transform Josh from film geek to latest cutie which works better than she could ever imagine. When the life Josh views through the lens begins to change for the worse, he must decide what side of Dylan he wants to portray through his film. Should he show the stuck-up princess who orders everyone around or the sweet, goofy beauty who few people know?

Geek Charming is a modern retelling of the fairy tale, “The Frog Prince.”

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