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Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern
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Jan 08, 2011

it was amazing

Just finished reading this for the second time. I've read this book 7 years ago. I regretfully lent the book to my friend who never gave it back. It is only now that I decided to buy it again remembering how I fell in love with it way back in college. I remember the same feeling after I read it years ago. It's like saying goodbye to a friend whom you've had a great chat with.
Reading the story in this perspective was an amazing feat. How Ahern was able to show us the story through bits of letters and emails was very artistic. In one book, I have seen the whole life of Rosie without asking "what about this and that? Or what happened to who?".Rosie Dunne's story is all about living a real life. A life filled with friends, family, love, cheating husbands, strong divorced women, undeterred dreams and missed chances. It is about a lifetime of friendship between a man and a woman who have been hiding their feelings from each other after almost 5 decades, before learning that they're really meant to be together. Although the coincidences are very fictional (though not impossible), I was figuratively at the edge of my seat whenever they're almost at "it" but then not really. It was fun to see how everyone around them saw what was coming, except for them. But as much as I was happy to see that they eventually end up together, I still feel frustrated about the years wasted between them, thanks to Greg. But then again, finishing the love-story at the middle of the book won't make it all about Rosie's whole life, will it? I like seeing her mature as she age and go through motherhood, loosing her job and going back to college. I love the delayed letters. That of her father (which she only read after his death) and of Alex (which was only given back by Greg after a decade of torturing the 2). In short, a can read this book even until the fourth or the fifth or...nth time. Maybe after another 7 years.c",)

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