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Flirt Club by Cathleen Daly
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Jan 22, 11

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Recommended for: YA
Read from January 10 to 12, 2011 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Izzy and Annie are best friends and in the 8th grade. They don’t quite fit in with the popular crowd and like most middle-graders Izzy and Annie wish to be more like those that time seems to stop for. They’re tired of being the outsiders. Together, along with a couple other girls in the same predicament, form the Flirt Club. As members of this secret club they take notes on how the popular kids flirt. They hope to learn a lot from their observations and be so bold to draw enough attention and attract boys their way.

Their plan begins to work when Izzy starts dating the most popular boy in school. Instantly Izzy becomes popular which jeopardizes her and Annie’s friendship. As hearts are broken and lessons are learned, the girls discover that true friendship is what matters most and being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

This book was entirely put together as notes being passed back and forth or dairy entries. It seemed a little out of date for the modern middle-grader. For example, the rock bands mentioned I remember from 30 years ago. I really don’t think a 13/14 year old is going to relate to the music their parents grew up on. Also, modern technology was barely mentioned. I think there was one mention of a cell phone. I might be wrong but do kids still pass notes back and forth or do they text? Annie and her constant announcement of her bowel movements happening or not happening was a little annoying. Yes, I know she was an immature 8th grader but really??? Do 14 year old girls talk about their bowel movements??? Maybe their periods but bowel movements??? I really doubt it. I also was a little disappointed that this book was geared toward middle-grade girls and in it was the mention of boys pressuring girls to have sex and grabbing of the boobs. Having sex so young was portrayed as wrong in the book but “2nd base” was okay. DON’T THINK SO!!!

It was a cute little read but I have to say I’m sad that my 14 year old won’t be reading it unless I edit some things out.

One more thing…who’s the girl on the cover??? Izzy had black hair & Annie and red.

I won this ARC from first-reads. THANKS!
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message 1: by Lacey (new)

Lacey Louwagie Hm . . . I think the author may have confused 8th grade girls with 5th grade boys. Working with teens of bot sexes at my library, and having worked with teen girls for about 8 years, it is NOT normal for them to dish about their bowel habits excessively.

I often wonder whether kids still pass notes, too. My suspicion is that they do if they're too young for cell phones. But I do think it's important for authors to realize they have to integrate modern technology into their YA work.

message 2: by Lacey (new)

Lacey Louwagie Oh -- and there's often a lot of disconnect between the image on the cover and the details of the book. It drives YA authors (and perceptive readers!) crazy!

Carrie True so true concerning your comments! :) Like note passing was wrong when we were middle-graders, texting is just as wrong & kids try to be sneaky about doing it. Instead of kids passing notes they are doing it in other ways. Constantly they are texting under their desks, in the halls & during lunch, etc. Most kids these days have cells & I think this book would have been more believable if technology was added. I don't even think a computer was mentioned but they called each other on land lines, (little out of date again). My girls (12 & 14) don't have cells but they communicate with their friends on live chats instead. I can kind of understand if a family was very poor & didn't have modern tech in their homes but in this book that was not the case. Maybe there should have been a mention of why the girls didn't have cells or didn't chat using the computer. It could have been an easy fix...parents had strict rules...fixed & done.

I think the author should have hung out in a middle-grade and observed instead of relied on her own memories of music and life. This book could have worked.

To bad most authors don't get a say in their covers...I think that everyone involved in the publishing of a book should read it first. If that happened maybe some of the crap would be weeded out & the true story tellers would shine though.

All in all it was a cute read but just out of date.

Thanks for your comments Lacey! :)
P.S my spelling in horrific...bowl movements should have been bowel movements...boy of boy...I'm a dope. ;)

Brigitte I agree with all of your comments!! I thought the bowel movement talk was so weird. I would have never talked about that! Also it was weird how this 8th grade boy was pressuring about sex. Not a good thing for young girls to be reading about since it makes it seem normal for 8th graders to do that!

Carrie Thanks Brigitte for you comment! :) It was sad that sex had to be mentioned with middle-graders. & the bowel movements...ugh...(rolling of the eyes).

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