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Carrie by Stephen King
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Jan 28, 2008

really liked it
Read in August, 2006

Stephen King is one of the most popular authors of the latter half of the Twentieth Century, having most of his
works turned into either a feature film or a made-for-tv movie or miniseries. In my opinion, you would be hard-pressed to find someone in the modern world who does not know who Stephen King is.

When I was thirteen, It was turned into a miniseries and I loved it so much I purchased a copy of the book and jumped right in. Two hundred pages or so into it, I gave it up for lost. Few years later, The Stand came on tv, and, once again, out I ran and bought the book. Again, less than two hundred pages read and I put it aside. Stephen King tends to go off in different directions with subplots and sub-subplots, to the point that (a) I don't know what's going on, and (b) I can't keep up with the train of thought. I watched the movies and got excited, got scared. But the books took so long to get to the main storyline, to the characters I met on tv, that my interest could not be held for very long.

Which brings us to Carrie! Loved the Brian De Palma movie, quote it all the time...and the Recorded Books version was only six discs long. Took just a few days to listen and now I can proudly say I have actually read and finished a Stephen King book.

The basic plot of the De Palma movie is there, with the bulk of dialogue, but the book is different, more detailed, more focused on
not just what happened -- what caused Carrietta White to do what she did to the whole town (not just the school, as the movie shows),-- but also the aftermath. The book jumps around (which would definitely annoy me in written form) from narrative to interviews to excerpts from reports and books on the T.K. event. The story is, in essence, straight forward, in that it is not subjective, but completely objective. But then there are the third person omniscient portions, for Carrie, for Sue, for Billy, for even Chris to tell us what she lived through, to know the ins and outs, to understand why everything happened. There's more to it than the others just picked on Carrie. More to than Margret White's extreme religious rigidity. More to it than what De Palma could show us. You have to read it to know it all.

The book wasn't bad. It wasn't spectacular; I'm not running out to read more Stephen King. I did, and do enjoy the movie more. But having read the book I feel like I've got more insight to the story, which is how it should be, right? No movie can show everything, and the book should be better than the movie. But I read it, I made it through, and I can say I finished a Stephen King book. Plus now I know there is at least one book by him that doesn't have a totally outrageous ending (see The Stand's 'hand of God detonating the nuclear missile; The Shining's Tony the Imaginary Friend being the son from the future...etc., etc.)...
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