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Vanish by Sophie Jordan
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Jan 07, 11

bookshelves: not-with-a-ten-foot-pole

That this book will even exist, after the steaming septic tank that was the last one, makes me rage.
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message 1: by Courtg (new) - added it

Courtg why?

message 2: by Anila (new) - added it

Anila Because the first was simply ridiculous, and the ending was so contrived to set up for a sequel that I was shaking with fury when I finished it. And it had enough character derailment in the last few chapters to throw a good-sized train off its tracks. Frankly, with the way Jacinda went completely flutter-brained in Firelight's 'conclusion', she's not even the SAME CHARACTER anymore. It's like... oh, I dunno. It's like Nora Grey took over her body or something. Yeah, Nora's exactly who it was. Hush, Hush is invading other books. We're all doomed.

The less rambling version is: The first one murdered a perfectly good, innocent story concept and a sequel can only dance on the corpse.

Melissa That's very harsh....

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah, but I actually think she's right. We need more books that show promise, and after reading this I find I completely agree.

message 5: by Anila (new) - added it

Anila Melssabellum- Yup, but like everyone else on this site I'm entitled to my opinion and I loathed Firelight heart and soul, so I voiced said opinion.

Alexis- thank you. I concur; I'd like to see publishers picking up more books that can actually tell good stories with compelling characters, and not just books that will sell like hotcakes with hormonal teenagers.

Adelfa Anila- I read your review and am curious to know if u could recommend something to me with more depth and stronger characters. I agree that the book wasn't great at showing indepth characters, it was very vague in that area among others.

message 7: by Mikaela (new) - added it

Mikaela Ditto about hush hush. And about this book. Though I am willing to give it a chance. But if it doesn't amaze me within the first few chapters, you're all going to have to help me to come up with creative ways of destroying it!

message 8: by Anila (new) - added it

Anila Adelfa- The first thing I'd say for strong female characters is Tamora Pierce's Song Of The Lioness quartet, starting with Alanna: The First Adventure. Pierce is one of the most feminist authors I've ever come across, and her characters have wonderful conficts and drive. She also manages to give them love interests who are often dead sexy without being domineering or mean, as many YA 'heroes' are lately.
Robin McKinley is another good author. Hands down, she's one of the most fantastic writers I've ever read. Her female characters are always powerful and confident, and while they often go through hell they pick themselves back up and move forward to kick some bad-guy ass. She also does some more subtle things, which I love- slips in lines that let you know that oh, in this world it was a goddess who taught men to fight; or in this one all female scions of the royal family are trained to fight and the queen used to be a military commander. She changes the entire backdrop of her quasi-medieval settings with something as small as that.
Let's see... who else... oh, Warbreaker has some amazing characters, including two strong females and a marvelously snarky sword. Howl's Moving Castle is a classic, at least in my opinion, and a great coming-of-age story which is as much about the main character discovering her own power as it is about the romance or subplots.
And that's all I've got off the top of my head. FYI, Warbreaker is available as a free PDF on Sanderson's website.

Mikaela: Gah, that gorgeous cover almost makes me reconsider. That and dragons. But I will hold firm for now. If it amazes you... well... we'll see.
As far as creative means of destruction, I'm sure I can help come up with something!

message 9: by Mikaela (new) - added it

Mikaela Anila wrote: "Adelfa- The first thing I'd say for strong female characters is Tamora Pierce's Song Of The Lioness quartet, starting with Alanna: The First Adventure. Pierce is one of the most femi..."

I love Alanna! I would also definitely reccommend it.

message 10: by I am Bastet (new)

I am Bastet Hahahaha. Also, from far away the girl on the cover looks like she has a bit of a facial hair problem.

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