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Airhead by Meg Cabot
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Jan 06, 2011

For High school student Em Watts life couldn't be anymore of a disappointment, her little sister is a complete girly girl, which Em is not and her parents couldn't be any more of an annoyance.But the only thing or person for that matter that seems to make everything thing better is her long time friend and secret crush Christopher, he has always been there for her and she has always wanted to tell him how she feels about him.But she is afraid that she will never get the chance especially since a huge flat screen has just fallen from the ceiling at one of the Stark enterprises superstores and crushed all but her head to flattened flesh.And coincidentally, world famous and face of Stark beauty model Nikki, faints and looses all brain activity.But through a deal made with Stark industries and Em's parents they have surgically removed Em's brain into Nikki's body.Now Em is forced to live as this supermodel and go through life as her without telling anyone who she really is inside.But how will she manage and will she ever be able to tell Christopher how she really feels about him?! well you can find out by reading this book for yourself.
I would recommend this book who likes drama, with a little bit of suspense and just a tad bit of science fiction.

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