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The Rabbit Factory by Larry Brown
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Jan 23, 2011

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Read from January 06 to 23, 2011

Unfortunately, I had high expectations coming into this book. I had heard about Larry Brown and the gritty Southern tales that he is famous for telling and decided to start first with "The Rabbit Factory". The amount of thought Larry Brown puts into his characters is amazing. The book is all about character development and by the final 100 pages, you are able to not only relate to each quirky character but really put yourself in their head and understand their thought process. Throughout the book, the characters come so close to intertwining with each others lives but never quite get there. Although they all live similar destructive lives in or near the same destructive Southern town, the characters seem to almost graze each other in passing but many never actually meet. The book is a little messy and feels like you're alternating between 5 or 6 different stories, building up for some great intersect where all the characters meet and help explain each other, but they never do. Overall, I'm interested to read more Larry Brown but will go into the next book knowing what to expect.

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