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Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan
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Jan 06, 2011

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bookshelves: urban-fantasy-uf
Recommended for: Fans of PNR
Read from January 24 to 26, 2011

This book reads like a PNR, but the author has said the series will be UF. The world created by the author is strong and while the plot is typical of many PNR stories, it is character based with richly developed characters. I read a spoiler about the end of the book before I really even got started, so perhaps that effected my enjoyment.

This book starts off with a bang, and I would say the beginning is 5 stars. The main female character is in such pain that I felt it – she is awkward and suffering and it is told very well. Her pain is believable. She is suffering from something a lot of PNR heroines suffer from (nothing new here) but how she is able to control it (at least initially) is very unique and how far her powers go – in terms of her control over others is unique. Additionally, we get a spattering of history about the two main vamps, I wish we got more. Hopefully she develops this area.

The struggle – nothing new. Very similar in my opinion to the Breed series (warring groups of vamps, one group is more humane and the other thinks humans are just meat). The good guys have superior technology, are nice and attractive and have a very long history. Again, what we have seen before in many PNR books. I thought the way the main h/h interacted in terms of the relief that the hero gives the heroine was very similar to Elise and Teagan in the breed series and very similar to the main characters in the first LOTU books, I guess also similar to Sookie and Bill in the Sookie series. I am sure other PNR series as well that I can’t think of right now ……Not a spoiler, but the main heroine is an empath – she feels other people’s feelings but can also hear their thoughts and memories and it is slowly driving her (or not so slowly insane). The hero is able to shield her and helps her begin to control her talent. This to me was pretty old hat because it is an oft-used theme in PNR, but what makes it enjoyable and new is the depth of character development. I ended up skimming the last half or so of the book. The book ends on a strong point – which is nice. No cliff hanger.


I thought the author dealt with the violent rape of the heroine decently, but I am not sure why it is included. It didn’t seem to make her grow stronger – she was pretty independent before – yes she is tormented and has to suffer but she would have with her gift and abandonment by David anyway. It may have motivated her to train to fight, but really this could have been accomplished with the death threats alone – and perhaps almost being accosted in an alley. I guess the author doesn’t spare her characters just b/c it is fiction – and I believe she dealt well with the rape. But I also think this is another over-used theme in PNR and UF.
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Mariya I can't wait for you to read this and what you think =D

Regina Everyone seems to love this, would you say it is urban fantasy?

message 3: by MelissaB (new) - added it

MelissaB Regina,

I think it's a mix of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Regina Thank you Melissa. :)

Mariya Yah! You're reading Queen of Shadows finally! I can't wait to see what you think! I loved this book, adored it XD

Regina Started off with a bang so far.

Mariya I am in love with this book. Dying for book 2. I love David, cute and geeky...hehehe.

Regina Mariya when is it due out?

Aly is so frigging bored July 26th 2011

Regina Thanks!

Mariya July is too far away! I wish it came out sooner XD

message 12: by Mrs. (new) - added it

Mrs. Badass I want to read this one

Regina Only 15 pages in or so, but it pulled me right in. It is not like anything I have read in UF so far.

Mariya @Erika: You sooo NEED to read this book. I am like trying to get everyone to read it. Highly Recommend XD

@Regina: It is a UF, but reading it it seems like a PNR, but author said book 1 will seem like PNR and book 2 will be more of an UF. I didn't knoe what I would think going into this book, was recommended it and I am so glad I read it! Awesome book!

message 15: by jD (new) - added it

jD Great review. I am intrigued. The fact that there is no cliffhanger is a big plus.

Regina LOL -- big plus. :)

message 17: by jD (new) - added it

jD It's not too bad of a price on Kindle or I would have jumped it already. Time to use the B&N gift card! BTW -- how sexy are the adult situations?

Regina They are sexy, not too descriptive though (I like more descriptive! LOL) and there are not that many of them .....

message 19: by jD (new) - added it

jD I figured as much when you said UF. That usually means implied adult situations. I will file it under my UF to read pile. I do like those as well but not as often as PNR.

Regina The sex is not overriding at all. It doesn't take over the plot.

The romanc is key to the story. This first one reads like a PNR. If I just picked this one up and read it -- i would think "PNR". Which I am not a huge fan of. But the author says it will be UF over the series.

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