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Soul of the Fire by Terry Goodkind
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Jan 05, 2011

it was ok
Read in August, 2002

Book 5:

slow start. Annoying how they have to recap everything. I don't like how every book is a single book. It seems like he stretches to get a story to tell in one book - there's no real sense of continuity or an epic struggle like most other multi-novel books. The Fitch story line is dumb so far - not interesting. Trying to do political intrigue like martin and failing miserably. Little interludes with noname characters are dumb. Characters making stupid irrational and uncharacter like decisions just to further the plot in his direction (going to anderith)- poor writing. Annoyingly stupid. Completely implausible (fitch getting sword of truth). Very obvious good v evil. Stupid plotting to work up to a big bang conclusion that wasn't all that good like last one. Started getting ok with like 20 pages left and was wrapped up way to quickly and not very thouroughly.

Series: 5/10

The Sword of Truth series usually gets mentioned in the same breath as George R. R. Martin and Robert Jordan. Since I like those two authors, I decided to try this series, hoping it would be as good. Boy was I let down! I really did not like these books and am amazed at all the good reviews they get. The books were fairly readable and went by quickly. However, I thought the plotting was poor, the characters were stupid, and the story was VERY heavy-handed, over melodramatic and simplistic. The relationship between the two protagonists was way over the top and completely cheesy at times. The plot seemed really forced and not very detailed and is often very cliched. Character development is much the same. The characters are obviously good guys or bad guys. The good guys seem invincible and all-knowing except for the times they act like complete idiots and do things for stupid reasons for clunky plot purposes. Each book is meant to be a separate adventure. In order to do this, the author really stretches to find new hurdles to overcome. Plus, there's lots of annoying repetition. Overall, I thought the series annoyingly stupid, and am very glad to be done plowing through it!
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Anex I can't stand the recapping either.

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