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Jan 05, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: favorites, series-to-die-for
Recommended for: Zombie, Politics & Suspense freaks
Read from January 07 to March 23, 2011

First off, I want to say "I HATE YOU MIRA, SO SO MUCH!". Sigh. Well this is probably ironic coz without the reason of my hating her, I would've loved her entirely. Since I don't usually state any type of spoilers that would give away the plot of the story, I will just leave it to you, especially the ones who are planning to read this and I'd bet YOU'll also probably feel the same, especially when you'd come to terms in the end part. Right now, I'd have to mum in the matter of the reason of my hating. Anyhow, it is in my emotional disposition and intellectual aftershocking condition (yes, while I'm typing this, I am still in an aftershock) that I must not forget to say "HANDS DOWN" when it comes to how this book gave a big-time impact on me. And I guess it's utterly safe to say that I will never forget this book. Ever. Especially when I'd deal with the fact that I bawled my eyes out along with the feeling of the shock that I'd never expected to come that made me so numb and yeah. I was deeply in shock. Not entirely for the reason of a certain outcome of the book, even though it was in the first place, but it's because of how I don't want 'it' to happen and how I felt like I was in that certain scene when it did happen. What I felt toward "UNWIND by Neal Shushterman" was the same with how I felt toward this book yet, when it comes to the impact? This book precedes Unwind. I love the world Mira created even though I got so bored at the first couple of pages but would turn out so good when you know how to cope with the world and its unfairness Mira is depicting. I love this book and its characters, especially Shaun and Georgia ->(she's totally cool!). I came to explore the highly-industrialized world of news, journalism and political society and how they circulate along with the mayhem (zombies) that disrupted their world for years. Surely you wouldn't want to miss this mind-blowing ride of a book!
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02/11/2011 "FINALLY!!! COLLEGE DAYS!!!!"
17.0% "I want to finish this book sooo bad and I feel like it's getting me too slow than usual to achieve that endeavor in return. Whew. I think it's the number of pages that intimidates me. Uhuh that's probably it. Grr." 6 comments
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message 1: by Rollie (new) - added it

Rollie If I only have a copy of this, I'll mark this as priority-to-read as well. :)

Jean Pearl haha! don't worry, you can have a copy of this when you get a chance! hopefully i CAN be able to read this by the coming weekend. school's bugging me to no end!

message 3: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea Caro Oh, man, you're reading this? I was toying with ordering it off Amazon today. I love you already.

Jean Pearl Haha! Actually I have only read the first 2 chapters of it. Because stupid school's in the way, I never got a chance (or time) to continue this. Or any book for that matter. haha! As you can see on my reading challenge, I still have 0 books out of 70 books I am going to read this year. Yeah I know, I suck. Well, school's sucks more!!!LOL!

message 5: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea Caro Yuck, school. :( As you can see with my six books this month, I have waaaaay too much time on my hands. But it's funny - I get most of my reading done in the shower haha.

Jean Pearl OMG!!! I do that too! But just seldom.. haha! I couldn't just afford to leave the page I was on especially when I was on the most exciting/thrilling/climax of the book! I even find it ridiculous that when I was already on that part, nature would call me out!! (if u know what i mean) haha! And you know what's more funny? I USUALLY read EBOOKS!! LOL! So I carry along my laptop when times like that happen! haha! *gosh I'm already humiliating myself*

message 7: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea Caro God, don't you hate that? You get to a really good part of a book and you have junk to do and you don't want to jump into it and be left hanging? UGH, HATE THAT. I've been going into the ebook realm a little, too, but god forbid I ever get a kindle - that thing will short out after I drop it in the bathtub the first day I have it, ugh.

Jean Pearl Oh you don't know how I hate it when it happens. Momentum is one thing I don't want to ravage when it comes to reading! HAHAHA! Oh kindle? I also have one on my laptop! haha! So far, I'm still on good terms with it..Seriously? LOL! You think that would happen? haha! Can't blame you to think so. haha. Isn't that expensive though? I mean the wireless reader?

message 9: by Andrea (new) - added it

Andrea Caro I used to have a job as a tech support rep and I would get in so much trouble because I would read at work and barely pay attention to customers because I was in the middle of a spicy scene. The wireless readers are like, two hundred or less depending on all the bells and whistles you get, you know? I think that's why I do all my e-reading on my laptop for now. I am cheap :(

Jean Pearl OMG! I can imagine myself being fired out in my job for having the same predicament as yours! LOL!! I am cheaper. I mostly satisfy myself only ebooks than actual books. HAHA!

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