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Demon's Dance by Evey Brett
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Feb 21, 2011

it was ok
Read from February 19 to 21, 2011

This one is a tough book to review. I enjoyed the basic concepts - the half-demon, half-human cambion with a Warden protector to help them control their incubi side - but the parts I didn't like overwhelmed that demon storyline.

First off, the blurb didn't give the clue I expected. The blurb reads rough with long, long, long sentences. The prose is better, and I read the story quickly with no stumbling or confusion.

Second issue with the blurb is (view spoiler)

This story, while it had a believable romance in it, also had qualities that don’t work well in romances. I read romances for the Happily Ever Afters, the sensual sex, and the difficult paths in getting there. I almost stopped reading this story during Tristan's first scene. Brett did a fine job of portraying a tortured, abused man in Tristan (deeper in the story), so putting it all on-screen was gratuitous and off-putting. I read romances to escape, not to have violence and rape shoved down my throat. When I read those stories, I want to know ahead of time I'm reading those stories. The blurb should tell me (and then, yes, I will read them, but only when I'm in the mood for DARK).

This wasn’t the only scene that didn’t work for a romance mind-frame. The resolution failed for me too. (view spoiler)

I did like the main characters. Tristan, as I’ve mentioned, for his broken, tortured past and his ways of dealing with it, and Cory, for being put in a situation that would help him achieve his dreams, but falling in love in the process. However, Cory needed to DO something about loving Tristan (say, fight for him?) but he never did. Neither did Tristan. That Blanco had to be the one to spur the start of the resolution, didn’t work for me. The main characters need to be able to fight for the relationship, or I’m left wondering if they’ll simply fall apart at the next non-perfect situation in their lives.
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